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What is the cost (AD) to raise a profession from 1-20?

zagrim#6754 zagrim Member Posts: 144 Arc User
edited May 2013 in General Discussion (PC)
Was curious if its worth trying to power through a profession from 1-20. If anyone have done so, how much AD did you have to shell out to max a profession? Trying to figure out of its worth the cost or not before I commit to it.
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  • bismar7bismar7 Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Neverwinter Guardian Users Posts: 252 Bounty Hunter
    edited May 2013
    The guy who leveled to 60 first did it buy using AD to powerlevel leadership; he then instantly finished tasks that gave him experience.

    I don't know the number, but would also be interested to know the exact amount of AD required.
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