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Is there a guide somewhere that explains the Stats a character should be built for?

narketnarket Member Posts: 4 Arc User
I have looked for a few days now and watched a large amount of outdated videos about Neverwinter that still show characters at level 80. Is there some place I can get recent info about classes as they are now. After Jewel of the North happened there doesnt seem to be any info.


  • jana#2651 jana Member Posts: 163 Arc User
    That is funny and kind of sad there have been no answers and this is posted 9-2021. Trying to get answers
    about stats is really hard.
  • arazith07arazith07 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,620 Arc User
    Instead of necro'ing an old post, you could have just asked your specific questions. I'm sure at the time OP asked this, people were still learning the new system. In short, if you are DPS max out offensive stats, if Tank, go for defensive, If healer, go for things that affect heals.
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