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Rewards Stream Questions Thread!

nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,495 Cryptic Developer
edited May 2022 in News & Announcements
On May 19, at 2pm PT, Executive Producer Brett Norton and Systems Designer Miku Vo will be joining us for a Rewards Q&A. Due to the popularity of this topic, we are looking to gather questions ahead of time. Even if you plan on viewing the stream live, please leave your questions in this thread.

Questions must be in by 8am PT Tuesday, May 17.
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  • arazith07arazith07 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,719 Arc User
    -Only rAD and a blue RP gem seems a bit weak for a dragon hunt chest, will more rewards be added before this goes live?

    -If more rewards are added to the dragon hunt chests, will we be able to use reroll tokens on them?

    -Will more work be done the forums? Dark mode is a blessing, but I tried to leave a comment over the leave a comment title section without seeing the actual writing block below it.
  • thomasschwandathomasschwanda Member Posts: 11 Arc User
    Will the Fey weapons from TCA store be unbindable at some point like the Mirages? Makes no sense when they come from the same store and the grind for the weapons is the same, that we can't unbind them.
  • obsiddiaobsiddia Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,025 Arc User
    Can you please allow us to choose our Bel fight rewards? At least after some amount of failure. I want the mounts, but the RNG is brutal for the time spent.
    Did you really think anyone could steal the power of the god of thieves?
  • milehighxr#1299 milehighxr Member Posts: 461 Arc User
    Will all rewards from end chests be tradable/ sellable on AH? I get so much HAMSTER from end chests that I don't want, and almost all of it just gets discarded, or turned into RP.

    Also why limit rerolls to only 2, you should be increasing our rerolls, I have like 1000+ reroll tokens on each of my toons, and I'll never use them all as I don't run queues with all of them. If I have the reroll tokens let use as many as I want.
  • aurumreclusa#1147 aurumreclusa Member Posts: 30 Arc User
    edited May 2022
    First I would like to say that taking rerolls away while adding better chance at good stuff is pretty stupid since we reroll to get better stuff, so now if the rng is HAMSTER first two rolls you are HAMSTER out of luck. Next I keep wondering why the Enchanting Stone Rank 6 is still in Sybella store, the Event store, and Chultan Dungeon and Trial Chests, as far as I can tell they were for upgrading the enchants that we can no longer use. Another thought I had was how about making the Rewards in the end chest better for silver score and even better for Gold score, otherwise , why are you bothering to give a score.
  • maverick809maverick809 Member Posts: 27 Arc User
    Not so much a question but a suggestion. Most rewards of all chests are very poor for mid to end game players. As an end game player the best I can usually hope for is a greater shards of empowerment. We need drops that we can sell to buy things we may need or want! Up companion and mount drops and make them unbound, same for Vos rings! Bring back some old and rare companions like the tutor. Enchantments should be In the trade bar store and in dungeon chests! At least epic to legendary , even mythic. Give some meaningful rewards! And the community will love you for it. And for the poor dps still running after band of air after so.many runs, up the drops, make it need or greed it even make all Reagents unbound, or make it so we can unbind band of air to sell and also help others get their ring
  • prettylag#6217 prettylag Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    - Will heroics ever get rework for future rewards? (chance for any premium reward or gear related to the mod)
    - Are you planning to add streakbreaker for chase items like sharandar rings (maybe you can do it the same way you can buy trial weapons in shop)
    - Is there any plan for HIGH quality collars or high quality enchantments dropping in end chests?
    Thanks in advance, we all appreciate the stream <3
  • tabithacatt#5747 tabithacatt Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    Hi - Will rewards ever be 'upgraded' to reflect new reality of character, mount and companion set-up; or will we continue to simply sell outdated and un-usable rewards for silver / rp? Thank you & thank you for taking the time to discuss/answer questions :)
  • xenocide#6577 xenocide Member Posts: 228 Arc User
    Hello, Most dungeon/trial/skirmish have 1 free chest and 1 keyed chest at the end of the instance, however some do not.
    Are there any plans to make it so EVERY queued instance has the same 1 free chest and 1 keyed chest?

    The instances that do not have the 1 free chest and 1 keyed chest that most content has are.
    1. Temple of Tiamat. 0 free chest, 1 keyed chest.
    2. Svardborg. 0 free chest, 3 keyed chests.
    3. Prophecy of madness. 0 free chest, 1 keyed chest.
    4. Throne of the Dwarven gods, 0 free chest. 1 keyed chest.
    5. Illusionist's gambit. 0 chests
    6. Dread legion. 1 free chest, 0 keyed chests
  • iratewalrus22#6698 iratewalrus22 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Enchanting stones Rank 6, need to stop being chest loot. We don't use them for anything anymore, and it is very frustrating seeing a legendary item while re-rolling and then it's an es6 and we have to waste another re-roll. When it comes to the reagents for the band of air, i agree with a couple things, I do think that the reagents should be either 1. Need or Greed/ making it a droppable item from mini boss like the shirt and pants that are need/greed, because seeing that other party members have gotten the reagent, when they already have it is a little disheartening when the grind is not only beating hardcore mode but the many of groups you have to go through just to find people that can get you there and the drop rate is so little for one person that doesn't need it to get it. 2. Up the drop rates and make it so that if someone has the reagent they are not considered in the rng pool, the game can tell when we have special items in our inventories and in our banks, so why cant this be the same. When it comes to the band of air I don't think it should be un-bindable since it will be a little unfair to the people who have grinded months and 100's of hcvos runs to get their rings, I think players should just be more willing to help others through the dungeon without prejudice to their gear or sabotage by not following mechanics due to hdps.
  • finality999#7648 finality999 Member Posts: 18 Arc User
    Rewards I take it are for any attempt at moving forward in the game. So with that being said, here are a few suggestions. As a soloist, I don't have any suggestions on dungeons and your raids, other than class specific items being available in drops. Many people who play end game content are there specifically for the gear that makes them more powerful. I choose the transmog effect myself since I wish to have true 'role-playing' to my character. Most world wide events have rewards for completions of quests and or repeatable heroic mini quests. These should drop more gold/silver rather than copper and a few silver. We have shops to run and buying gold in the AH for astral diamonds that you initially received by selling items you bought in the Zen store comes down to us paying real world money for a virtual world that at the end of the day just frustrates the players further. When you go to buy a car from a dealer and it is ordered, you get exactly what you want because you are paying people to build your vehicle. By throwing random number generation in when people pay real money to your game, well, you see over the years your accumulated comments on the rewards received. They are terrible for the most part and word gets around that it takes money to play rather that a set goal you know you can get for your efforts.

    Rewards at the end of accumulating a 'virtual' level, (because you are maxed out already) those are useless and you really should drop them. 3-10 trade bars? really, useless gems for refining point conversion? or the tiniest possibility of a coal mote to save yourself another $10 US in an upgrade? I would like to just be able to turn off that feature. Trade bars as a reward are just like your old enchantments, they are initially good for startup of an account and then once you have established your character(s) with purple mounts and companions, perhaps some weapons and dye packs or fashion wear, they are no longer really good to anyone, sure you can stack up on upgrade tokens and use those for your mounts and companions, but once you have the 10 mythical, everything else is fluff! It does not matter. I bought hundreds of keys to get thousands of trade bars early on in playing so I could buy the maximum gear enchantments, now, I have to buy with real world money the components, (coal motes, preservation wards, etc.) to upgrade the basic enchantments to mythical versions. I calculated it would cost me close to $400 dollars (since I have an exchange rate applied to my country of origin's currency to the US dollar) and I just figured that it is not worth my money and time anymore. I see a 'money grab' going on in my opinion and I do not appreciate the intention behind the new gaming system's design.

    So rewards for a player's efforts in the game really need to be seriously reviewed and adjusted to reflect a better outcome on the player's enjoyment. If we as a group or individuals find it becoming a monthly payout for Zen then it is really not a free game to play anymore and it has lost its appeal.

    I have written a couple of impressive reviews on Neverwinter in the last year and seriously the game's graphics are fantastic. The theme (because in reality it is NOT true AD&D, but a reasonable facsimile) is also top shelf and really keeps to the Forgotten Realms world created by the table top game designers and the story writers. I have really enjoyed Avernus and loved the Elven worlds you have in Sharandar, I have dabbled in several other areas of the game's campaign contents but at the end of my day, I look at all the effort and the real world money I have spent to get to where I am and put forward to you, the game creators, it is really not worth it to me, and I believe that many players would agree on this point, hard work in any type of reality should be rewarded appropriately. Too much RNG chance just ruins a person's opinion on continued play and I hate to point this out, but there are hundreds of games out there that are free or subscription that have upgraded their graphics to compete on equal grounds with Neverwinter. Some are far better and have longer established followers, (in the sense of more players).

    Rewards should be achievable, not random for the player's efforts. The harder it is to accomplish a goal, you really need to ensure that a person gets their just due, or their time spent here just diminishes in quality.

    That is what I would like to put out there for your review and I hope that more effort is put into giving thought to how gear is upgraded, instead of random ingredients possibly dropping from a mob or mini boss, perhaps repeatable quests that guarantee the items are dropped. This would be similar to grinding out rep to earn something, or like the Avernus area, earning favor to buy stuff, but instead of spending 100 days of 10 hours a day to grind the favor, reduce it to a realistic timeframe and reward value so players can enjoy not only this game, but spend time with their family and friends in the real world (because some player cannot find that balance of gaming versus real life, it costs us dearly too because its always, 'yeah, just 5 more minutes dear, just another hour of play with my friends mom, sorry baby, I was online and forgot to pick you up from work'. I'm not joking here, game rewards should be realistic and achievable and be completed in a timely fashion.

    Hope that we see some good rewards in the future and keep up the good work on constantly improving the game.
  • erevel09erevel09 Member Posts: 177 Arc User
    I have a few questions that I hope will be answered.

    Vault of Stars related:

    - Could you implement a cache that would replace legendary ring drops in the end chests? That cache would contain all of the rings in a form of choice pack, where we would choose the ring we want. You must be aware of the nonsense of getting the ring you don't really want in the end chests. Alternatively, could you just allow us to buy the rings for shattered diamonds/AD/sharandar currency from Sharandar store?

    - Minibosses components for the Band of Air/Ring of Darkness; someone suggested allowing those to be need/greed, but I ask for the ability to unbind them. Not the rings themselves, just the reagents. It can be a real pain to get the one piece we want, I know it was for me. That keeps me away from the VoS altogether now.

    - Do you think Band of Air alone should perform better than combo of Band of Air + Ring of Darkness? I find it weird that single ring is better than both of them, giving how crazy powerful they both are compared to any other ring in the game (even the new m23 mythic ones).

    General stuff:

    - The premium rewards; that was a nice addition, but I have to ask: do you think the quantities are a bit too low for some items for more challanging content?

    I mean, imagine getting to end chests in the new master tiamat trial only to find one preservation ward or 5 companion/mount tokens in there after rerolls. There is not much we can do with just one ward, especially after the enchantment rework. I know this stuff can be stacking in time, but currently after lots of runs I don't think I actually managed to get even close to one full stack of them.

    - This is something I've been thinking for some time now. Some of us still remember the old guy in Protector's Enclave, the one we used to get our daily keys from. He is currently unemployed. Do you think you could allow him to give us daily one or two reroll tokens?

    - Are there any plans to allow low level enchantments to drop from end chests in dungeon/trials?

    - For the future events or battle passes: there are several things we can obtain from them, but some of them comes in a form of say, legendary mount choice pack. Now that most legendary mounts are not that desireable (still good for newer players though), could you include something universal for those of us who have all the mounts in the stables? Something like pack of mount tokens or maybe some tradebars? It does not have to be limited to mount packs too.

    For the Chests and Rerolls:

    Could you allow us to see the previous rerolls? It would allow us to compare what we got before and see if the value of the reward is better or not.

    Could you allow us to open the AH when we open the chests in the dungeons/trials? Sometimes we get unusual drop (companion, mount, collar, something) and we want to check if the value is at least decent or should we keep rerolling. Currently there is no way to tell other than accepting the reward, open AH and find out that the item is actually cheap.
  • anna#4890 anna Member Posts: 104 Arc User
    Are you gonna reward us with some bug fixes for a change?
  • justtester#3228 justtester Member Posts: 73 Arc User
    edited May 2022
    1. Will we still get 3 reroll tokens from VIP at its highest rank?
    2. Are you still working on adjusting Dragon Hunter gear stats and equip bonuses? I mean things like Serene Hood which will be especially interesting for DPS (as replacement of Goristo's Horns) but it gives Outgoing Healing and Deflect Severity as bonus stats.
    3. Not completely ontopic question but do you plan to do something with Well of Dragons Support quest? On Preview the only way to complete it is running demonic encounters on WoD map for Demon Hunting quest and we probably will have to solo them because all they give themselves are just very small amounts of rad and seals of adventurers. Isn't it better to remove that quest and make Dread Legion Support and IWD Support quests award 20 adventurer's shards instead of 10? Or just make these two quests appear every 2 days instead of every 4.
    This forum is an echo chamber
  • havatem#8104 havatem Member Posts: 16 Arc User
    Question 1. Will you ever fix the shield glitch? If wedie with shield up we can't scroll.

    Question 2. As you have said you are removing all the old unusable items like es6 are you replacing them with gop5 etc etc?

    Question 3 can you get rid of the trade house all together?let's face it it's controlled by people instead of an actual market. 3m ad for a companion that's a bit much for new players. People like Aragon need to be stopped. He is wrong and causes players to pay millions of ad because he says you need this or that then the people who have everything set the price and the new guys can't get it.

    The changes to the dungeons are fantastic 50k IL for tomm etc. So this is the important question. Tanks, tanks have been getting a little to much neglect dps get ribcage tanks get a Forrest's guardian chest 7500 awareness if in a group? Tanks need more agro pull for the huge dps being put out. I have a 75k IL tank have everything yet a rogue or a cleric can pull twice the agro I can. How about a chest piec that gives 12.5% extra dmg and 12.5% extra agro.
    Tbh it be easier just to double the agro a tank can generate.

    Scaling has to be fixed it's terrible literally. Tomm halaster can't 1 shot me, keldegon neither vilandra or dragon can 1 shot me. Mzc zarial can 1 shot me if I get hit with tank buster but that's it. A 1 star minion skeleton or zombie they can1 shot me. I didn't pay and earn 79k IL toon to be 1 shot in cloak tower a lvl 5 dungeon.
    I we understand it had to be made harder but seriously it's a mess.

    Please though do not make everything sellable in trade house because that will just make it harder to get and keep new players and bring old ones back. The changes make it so hard to get to endgame so if Aragon continues to be wrong and give bad information people that control the markets will keep <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> over the lower players.
    Trade by player not by AD no trade house only Zen every day we earn 100 zen instead of 100,000 ad if have VIP it's 200 zen. Win win for everyone. Except people like Aragon who spoil the game for players
  • havatem#8104 havatem Member Posts: 16 Arc User
    I did not swear or be rude it blocked my comments. The blocked part says players from controling the market
  • feanor70118feanor70118 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,170 Arc User
    Here's an idea:
    Do away with all useless, obsolete and pointless items.
    Raise caps on seals (to, say, 5000 and make all gear rewards purchasable with seals.
    Do not gate different kinds of epic/legendary/mythic gear behind different seals. One epic and then seals of the adventurer. That's it.
    If the player is not satisfied with loot after rerolls, allow the option to get more seals instead.
    Lower all insignia powder upgrade costs by 90%, or increase the amount of insignia powder found in the game by 10x. Or just replace insignia powder with seals.
    Get rid of greater shards of empowerment.
    Stop the pointless, exclusionary idea of 'modifiers' in dragon hunts before it starts. All you're doing is making sure that the public queue stays irrelevant, PUG groups that try to run with modifiers will fail, and as always the rich get richer while progression remains unachievable (or too tedious to bother with) for most players.
  • kir4me8604#8436 kir4me8604 Member Posts: 65 Arc User
    Question #1: Dungeon Chest rewards. With the removal of obsolete items from dungeon chest, will it now be possible for players to see the loot tables for dungeon chests???
    A feature similar to the Knox Box would be amazing.

    Question #2: Neverember's Recruitment Rewards. Possible Rework??? Suggestion: A daily quest giver that offers maybe 5 daily coins as a reward.

    Question #3: Sage Shop Rewards. TOO EXPENSIVE. Is it possible for the 100,000 AD cost could be lowered for Rank 1 Green Enchantments? (possibly 30K - 50K)

    Question #4: Grand Emporium Vendor Rewards. Is it possible for a larger pool of white/green companions to become available for purchase with gold?

    Question #5: Stronghold Heroic Encounter Rewards. Will random rank 1 offensive and defensive enchantments become possible rewards for completing stronghold heroic encounters? Enchantments at one time were part of the stronghold encounter reward system.
    (garnet, cobalt, citrine, amethyst, jade)
  • masterjr#2077 masterjr Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    Rewards questions:

    I feel like i am going to be asking a bunch of questions: Summary of what I am going to say, "If you keep changing or atleast adding to established vendors (trade bar, astral diamond, legacy, token, and reapers challenge vendor) then it will help players crave and be able to play to win even if it is very long term. It is just these stores are unbalance on cost and needs work on better gear, balancing, and frequency of updating.

    1) Do you plan on adding or changing any items in the reapers challenge vendor? There are some good items in there but 1 regular shard and 1 greater shard equaling the same is awful. You want someone to work hard on getting greater shards but you need 100 greater shards to get a legendary mount collars to mythic. So 500 days for a very little upgrade? You should take out the regular shard and just add something useful like enchantment rank 3. Then put greater shards from a single shard to a pack of 5 for 1 reapers completion. That is still 100 days for the little gain that you get. You can be crazy and add it to be like the mounts and such for 30.

    This store should be the number one store to fixed. This is where players have spent the time getting their item level to 50k and we should help them get their item level up even higher. You should lower the mount pack to 15 or 20 marks. Companions account legendary I understand cost alot on the auction house it cost alot. But they do not add up to both equal out to be the same. If you did want to make them the same add some mounts in there that make it 30 (golden lion).

    2) Do you plan to return any items that have been taken from the trade bar store? Enchantments and coal motes. The lockboxs themselves are great to go for and it is great to get what is inside but it used to be a 2 for 1. You got a good amount of trade bars and that would help you things you from the store. Now the store is mainly used for upgrade tokens.

    3) The Astral Diamond vendor has been having some added love to it and that is great but can we have it a more frequent rate? The astral lockbox, KNOXS LOCKBOX, mounts, and coal motes!

    4) Token vendor for most of it, the prizes are good can be used for all levels. I just wish you would lower the legendary mounts to 3 tokens of achievement rather than 5. The mythic companions being 5 sound like a huge reason to go for 5 completions but not going to waste my 5 tokens on one legendary mount.

    5) Legacy vendor does give you a great way to get glyphs. However it would be great to have again just some other items in there so it can be either a chaser like a legendary companion or something that is added to help players grow.

    Overall, I am excited to be there and listen to what is going to happen on this stream about rewards.

    Bonus request: Please get rid of those stupid blackened jaw gear from chest at the end of trials and dungeons and add approitate gear or potentially seal gear in there.
  • darkzavindarkzavin Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    1) there will be an update for tanks?
    2) news about healer combat enchantment?
    3) new lockbox when?
    4) you will add quality of life about heroic encounters such as a timer when the encounter will start?
    5) have u a plan for a boons rework? they aren't a incentive to play campain because they give nothing
    6) ZAX?
    7) trade bar store and reaper store will be updated?
  • nightpain88nightpain88 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4 Arc User
    First I Want to Thank You For Continuing To Produce Content That Is So Much Fun to Play, I Cant Stop Wish I Had more Time in My day....The New Dragon Models Look AMAZING !!! Question #1 : Are The Dragons we Are Fighting in Siege The Ancient Dragons That are Going to be in The New Mod? #2: When Are The Monk and Druid Coming To Neverwinter?
    Thank You Again.
  • alexpoa#4864 alexpoa Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    I would like to know if you have a rework for the paladin as there is a disparity with other healers and if you will also have a rework for the barbarian which also has a disparity in area encounter powers when compared for example to a fighter, rogue, warlock. .. (all). Will we have the Aasimar race in the zen Market?
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