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Feedback on new mythic gear

Hello @cryptic39#8917 @nitocris83

In this document I would like to give some feedback about the new mythic gear which got some changes with today patch (21/04/2021).

Players are waiting for this mythic gear with really big hype, especially for some of them. I would like to write here some suggestions.
Each mythic gear has been divided in two parts (before patch vs after patch of 21/04/2022).

For players, If you have any suggestions pls feel free to write here and I will add them.
Remember to be polite.

I Hope this document can help you.
Best Regards,

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  • vasile1991vasile1991 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 73 Arc User
    edited April 2022
    Whoever came up with this rework should be fired.
    Simple as that.

    Cryptic, we completely dislike your proposed changes.
    Post edited by vasile1991 on

    Viperion - DragonTribe guild.
    Playing Ranger/Paladin/Bard/Fighter.
  • drago#9606 drago Member Posts: 40 Arc User
    Build diversity is sorely needed. Most of these changes make no sense. Just listen to the people playing the game.
  • werdandi#8366 werdandi Member Posts: 335 Arc User
    I like the idea of a new ribcage (crit strike/ crit sev) because the avernus version is a pain to farm (the droprate of lures should have been increased because it is an "old" module, like it was done for Chult hunts) and most of the players are longing for it (because it gives stupid massive stats %...). At the end, depending ot the difficulty to obtain this mythic gear, the avernus version should be made easier to obtain.

    But the idea of an alternative ribcage (CA and accuracy) should have been kept for the people that are built differently or have a different forte that will match more these stats

    Personnally, I don't mind too much the copy/paste of the bonuses of some other pieces of gear: it will really depend on the difficulty to obtain them. But the document of Aster and other comments must be taken into account.

    Just one thing, be careful with the bonuses you give, so that some items are not stupidly good compared to same kind others.
  • stof#3099 stof Member Posts: 40 Arc User
    edited April 2022
    Rugged Sallet of the Dragon Hunter, Tactful Gloves of the Dragon Hunter
    Non-permanent buffs which you cant control when they will proc are bad, its a reason why nobody uses companions with it at endgame

    Sharp Jacket of the Dragon Hunter
    Noone will use this chest, its worse than the current ribcage in terms of offensive stats and it also decrease your awareness. Make this chest a defensive counter-part of the ribcage. Make it give some combination of defensive stats (awareness/deflect/deflect severity/critical avoidance) by 2,5% (max 5 stacks) whenever you are hit by more than 10% of your health. This will excite the tanks to farm (since will be a better than the vos chest), and for some healers that would like to increase their defense for some sort of content.

    Tactiful Leathers of the Dragon Hunter

    changing to give Critical strike / critical severity is straight up killing any hunts on aversus. That map will be a ghost town if you guys progress with this change.

    Without ribcage buyers, new players will lose a way to farm currency like glyphs of potency (since you only need 25k ilvl to start farming manes).

    Another point is by having the same buff, you prejudicate classes that have critical severity / critical strike as forte. The reason is that some of this classes are overcapping this stats, and therefore losing them. As oposite of classes that have the accuracy / combat advantage as forte, and therefore can better mix the %stats to have a better distribution ( one the reason why rougues are the best dps right now)

    If you think with this changes people will be exicited to farm, you are wrong. I dont think anyone with a ribcage will bother farming this chest, just for a slighlty higher ilvl.

    Mighty Vambraces of the Dragon Hunter
    Its straight up copy of spiked defender gloves. And they are actually worse then the spiked defender gloves for scaled content the reason is because the higher ilvl and stats. Incoming healing is a dead stat for dps. This means you will be lossing are extra 62 ratings in offensive stat to gain only 101 ( 5x62 = 310 vs 101 crit sev).

    Sharp Longboots of the Dragon Hunter
    Some dps will get negative critical avoidance with it (For example I have 27%, which will only decrease further as I get more ilvl), let the one-shots begin, and people stop using it because it

    Serene Boots of the Dragon Hunter
    Copy of greaves of lightguard, same comments from Tactiful Leathers of the Dragon Hunter applies here
  • dracory1#6808 dracory1 Member Posts: 128 Arc User
    My feedback is: give us build diversity. We don't care that gear might look the same and it's going to be named slightly different, please give us - for example- both CA Acc and CS CSev Leathers variants.

    People with Critical Severity as Forte are suffering for the longest time because of Rib having Critical Severity.
  • furryicecubes#8646 furryicecubes Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    I think one good idea could be to make both armor (Tactful Leathers and Sharp Jacket) "ribcage like": the former should give critical strike and critical severity, the latter should give accuracy and combat advantage. In this way people would love to farm this new content, giving a wide choice of character building.

    This. All day long. Give us options. Throw all sorts of gear at us. Balance it around the total benefit given on pieces. You could easily have 10 or more chest pieces that give 2 x 2.5% stats stacking up to 5 times, with some aimed at healers, some at DPS, some at tanks.

    Yes some people want a single BiS item, but that won't keep players around that want to tweak and play with builds and look to maximise their toon just to eke out another 1% dps output, or a little bit more survivability, or to take a couple of seconds off a speed run. Give those of us that want it options. That will make content repeatable, and farmable.
  • maverick809maverick809 Member Posts: 27 Arc User
    Also unless I missed it the 5 percent dps ring to dragons is also useless, since there is 10 percent undead, and in crown for some reason phase 1 dragon things do not work on him....
  • maverick809maverick809 Member Posts: 27 Arc User
    I was excited for a new chest piece with different stats as well. This game sorely lacks build diversity
  • furryicecubes#8646 furryicecubes Member Posts: 13 Arc User

    I like the idea of a new ribcage (crit strike/ crit sev) because the avernus version is a pain to farm.

    But would be cool to see either an unbind system for Avernus gear, so those of us replacing new gear, can sell our old stuff to other players, less inclined to go through the grind we did.
    The system is already in place, just make the Avernus gear unbindable with tokens.
  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,665 Arc User
    You don't mention this but Waywatcher’s Ring of Precision is just a copy paste of Ring of the Shadowstalker +5's bonus.
    "We have always been at war with Dread Vault" ~ Little Brother
  • jbt91#7812 jbt91 Member Posts: 16 Arc User
    Considering that some classes would prefer to have the set have critical strike and critical severity as the chest piece bonus while other classes would want to have accuracy and combat advantage as the chest piece bonus, the solution would be changing the other chest piece bonus to accuracy and combat advantage so that everyone can get the chest piece they want for their builds. As it stands, the increase in critical severity at the cost of awareness isn't worth the cost, even if the bonus is easier to proc as it procs on a per strike basis rather than on a "damage or healing equal or more than 10% of hp".

    The other gear pieces I think need a review as well are the rings. For dps/healer/tanks to consider these new rings as items to obtain compared to the current vault of stars or dragon bone vale rings, these bonuses need to have always active or easy to activate bonus condition. But having the bonuses tied to needing to have the character move, such as the bonuses of the Soothesayer’s Ring of Apathy and Mightbreaker’s Ring of Control, means that few if any people will have interest in these rings compared to the bonuses of the Vault of Stars rings which are either always active or are active in single target fights. As combat currently stands, characters are not moving unless it is needed to avoid a mechanic or attack from the boss so they can focus of their rotations, so bonuses tied to moving see little if any use. If those bonuses were changed to working on an always active basis or when in combat with one enemy, those rings would see more use.
  • maxzius#3795 maxzius Member Posts: 165 Arc User
    What happened to build diversity? Seriously.

    Stop saying HAMSTER and then doing the exact opposite.
  • janhow#7164 janhow Member Posts: 27 Arc User
    Looking at the Warlock DPS gear I am really underwhelmed. We're not Barbs so why are we stacking Accuracy? I'm not sure if I saw any gear that was an upgrade when you look at stats and bonuses. It's higher IL which is already causing major issues with gear that doesn't have the right stats and nerfed in scaled content. Put on all that new Mythic gear and build stats around it that work. Guaranteed a toon with older/lower IL gear would make it look terrible in any scaled content and probably non-scaled.
  • stof#3099 stof Member Posts: 40 Arc User
    Thank you for giving back the option for diversity in the gear
  • c1b0r7c1b0r7 Member Posts: 14 Arc User
    I'd like to ask the devs why did they remove the "generate aggro when moving" from the stalwartneedle of bulwark and added "5% less damage from dragons" option. As stated by Aster in his document, this aggro generation when moving is the only reason ANY tank class can generate AoE aggro.
    Are we getting it back in any other ring or will we still be bound to use a 4 mod-old ring?
  • theraxin#5169 theraxin Member Posts: 370 Arc User
    edited May 2022
    As said above, the Charging bull ring effect was kinf of crucial for current AoE aggro, especially for newer tanks. And the old effect was inferior by a lot, because of the 1-2 more secs you needed to run for.

    I think the ring "realistically" can go into 2 direction. Either we just get a numerical upgrade for the condemned +5, which is an okay thing, or we get a very specific boss ring, that is given a side effect for other boss content. Is the 25% and 10% a bit much? Maybe, maybe not. But as an effect that will be obsolete outside of dragon hunts, and probably even inside with a bare 5% DR and with very little things that appeal to tanks, I think it's better to argue down from there later than to just get something paper balanced, but not actually used.

  • arazith07arazith07 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,719 Arc User
    Might want to use the official reward thread now that preview is live. Not that devs won't read all the forums, but it's more likely to be seen in the threads they made.
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