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Crown of Keldegon - Invisible Dragon

flinnty#9711 flinnty Member Posts: 23 Arc User
In the final phase of Crown, when the dragon flies from the platform he marks a player to land on. If that player fully dies with the dragon marking them for landing, the dragon will land on the platform where the player died (or sometimes in the center of the island), and he will be invisible and immune to damage. This invisibility is also applied to the red aoe indicators for his attacks, such as the pushes. Most often this results in a failed run and is extremely frustrating. The dragon stays invisible until he flies from the platform again and after landing back down successfully he regain his visibility. This has happened multiple times in runs this week alone and has been an issue since the trial was launched.


  • ene#5785 ene Member Posts: 66 Arc User
    edited April 21
    it's all a bug, mobs that shoot, damage 1kk to the DPS, despite the reports it has not yet been fixed. It is not for nothing that you do not find anyone who makes cok. Only a waste of resources, for what they are in the chest, or nothing ... it's not worth it ...

    The only way to fix that bug right now is to use the scroll right away if you die
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