Enchantment Medallions going to main inventory

Since the patch on the 5th, when trading anything in for enchantment medallions the medallions are going to the main inventory at 1 slot per medallion. I'm assuming this is a bug rather than an intentional change because people do not have hundreds of slots free to hold all these medallions.


  • bolt#9204
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    Yes I can confirm this is happening I now have about 18 medallions in my overflow bag and no way of moving them having filled up my main inventory because of this new item stacking issue which was not there pre-latest patch. Would suggest it makes sense for medallions to stack up to 500 in one stack
  • thomasisalone
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    Just experienced this bug now. @noworries#8859
  • eniallis#8107
    eniallis#8107 Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    Also the Heart of Fire Enchantment from AI, is still not tradable. Additionally, illusions in Arbiter/DC are not working (tried Barkshield/Soulforge/Frostburn/Lightning/Holy Avenger).
  • pitshade
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    Fixed now. The medallions are stacking and BTA.
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