I'm Sorry but I really hate the Mod 22 proposed changes - okay maybe its not as bad

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I spent a lot of time, real money and a lot of effort, consternation to earn my rank 14 enchantments. Built my character around those enchantment abilities only to have Mod 22 come along and trash everything I worked so hard for in this game. I hate it. Just to have Weapon and Armor Enchantments to be traded into a worthless cosmetic illusion. This is really insulting. There is nothing in this Mod I think can fairly compensate for the sweat, long hours and hard work (and real money - e.g. buying Zen for Coalwards) that was put into refining those Weapon and Armor Enchantments and those abilities. This is absolute bovine excrement.

But I think Cryptic can do a few things to ease the adjustment
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    You can trade your existing enchantments for the new and improved ones ?
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    As far as I can tell ALL your enchantments are gone, useless. Yes, you can trade your enchantments for currency to "buy" "enhancement rank choice" packs from the trade vendor, but guess what, you're back to grinding them to upgrade those new enhancement stones and you will need the new Coalwards" which are not free of course. So are they better? No, not in the color rank. All your legendary enchantments like dark, radiant, azure, etc the highest you can trade them for is uncommon blue rank. You will have to grind or refine it back to legendary (orange), which means 2 coalwards times 9 enhancement slots. Yes, they can eventually be better, now that they can get refined to mythic (cyan) but that's another 9 coalwards to upgrade them all to mythic. And the weapon and armor enchantment, is a whole another story.
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    Will be interesting to see how many players will pay $300 or spend 50,000,000 to play 1 new trial.. I would rather buy 5 new games.

    5new games vs 1 trial.
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    @helix#4749 Why ignore the enchantment stats and focus only on the color of the ranks? That makes no sense at all
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    I don't see this change as being so negative, they no longer require you to pay to remove them as you change out your armor and equipment. From what I have witnessed the new enchantments are equal to the former.

    If you are talking about the removal of some older enchantments, such as thunderhead or lightning, I might agree with you about those. However everyone is talking about stats, I don't see them removing any stats or nerfing what you have at this point. This is still early in the preview, they could end up nerfing the stats before they launch.

    I think the reason behind this change is to save the players from popping enchants on and off old to new gear, which I assume means new gear is on its way. It is like an ice cream vendor telling you they upgraded, fewer flavors but you no longer need to pay extra for the cones.

    It is just another one of these modules, where they are making big changes, and not really telling the community the reasons. :trollface:

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