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Reaper's FBI Hati Roar bug

fns2005fns2005 Member Posts: 309 Arc User
In every Reaper's Challenge version of Fangbreaker Island so far, the first boss Hati's roar attack will do massive damage and one shot an entire team of 50k+ players, even if they hid under the rock.


  • mrimsogoodmrimsogood Member Posts: 147 Arc User
    Get your defense up
  • admiralwarlord#3792 admiralwarlord Member Posts: 548 Arc User
    It's quite simple, it's necessary that the healer uses powers that give damage resistance gain such as a Cleric, he will use the Daily Power that I never remember the name + Astral Shield, so no one dies. I believe the other classes have options to protect their allies.
  • sagakaiyume#0847 sagakaiyume Member Posts: 402 Arc User
    Being allowed daily and artifact today it wasn't an issue, however that's wasn't the case in other versions. So its really dependent on the banes.
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