Vote for Neverwinter on steam!

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Steam is currently having a sale and users can vote for their games.

Let neverwinter win! =)


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    The Neverwinter team stands a better chance at winning Outstanding Contributions to Ethics Award. :trollface:

    I don't play Steam so I cannot vote anyhow.

    Just killing time...
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    greywynd said:

    I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or serious.

    I want to be fair to the designers who are still giving it love.

    For example the treasure chest mount, when you press spacebar the character will sit and swing on it. Press spacebar again and you can see 3 more difficult animations. The 3D animation team is doing a good job.

    The system designer deserve a praise too. Mod 21 has a new adventure system to group friends together, and to clear world quest together. There is also effort to add in a new class for an old game.

    However, to be fair means I might soon be nasty towards the sales team, to the patch team. I feel their delivery is not as good in the company. It'd be another topic...
    That's nice, but IMO the spirit of that reward is for cases where it's not about monetary gain. In Neverwinter the animation team gets paid to do their part in keeping the game alive. Do a bad job, players leave, no job..

    The idea is where the game was already released, the gain now from improving it is significantly lower, yet they do it, bcause they want to be proud of it. Happens a lot with indie games, that deserve that recognition.
    Even free DLC's for CP2077 and keeping fixing it a year after is much closer to the idea (a mix of pride and saving their reputation).

    * I'm sure many of the Cryptic team want to be and are proud of their individual contributions, but at the end of day, the company allocates resources with monetization in mind, not love and rainbows.
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    @micky1p00 don't worry about it, given enough time, even the people with sunshine in their hearts and even the best intensions, will yield to your ideals. :trollface:

    @irene#2829 I did have the ability to go vote after all. What a surprise to me. I must have bought something off of them long ago and forgot about it. I didn't vote for Neverwinter but I did vote in all categories. Remember what some idiot once told me, The function of the player is not to influence the developers, but to change the nature of those with faith in the game.

    Just killing time...