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Dungeon Delvers Delights & Random Dungeon Recategorization

Apologies if this has been addressed previously, but I couldn't find it.

The Dungeon Delvers Delights event description reads as follows:
For a limited time, Epic Dungeon, Trial and Skirmish chests are twice as likely to drop premium items.

How does the recent recategorization of dungeons affect the event, as there are no "Epic" dungeons anymore?

Dungeons previously known as "Epic" -- Temple of the Spider (Master), Gray Wolf Den (Master), Cragmire Crypts (Master), Spellplague Caverns (Master), Valindra's Tower, Fangbreaker Island, Lair of Lostmauth, Malabog's Castle, and Castle Never -- are now part of the regular "Random Dungeon Queue." Are these dungeons no longer affected by the Dungeon Delvers Delights event?


  • melotai#0794 melotai Member Posts: 160 Arc User
    I believe they are still considered epic, did fangbreaker island a few times in preparation for stormking x2 event and it seemed to me that the event was working.

    from Fangbreaker: tar. bars (5), scroll of life, companion upgrade (10), that rusted epic armor for my bard and a lot more rubies than I usually get.

    From what I remember I usually had to reroll just to get a blue and some green relics and the extra stuff was usually just two jade or ruby but during the event I easily I got the blue and green relics and the stuff I listed above.

    Also, got two more mount collars during the event, not sure where, but I did get them without me having to do a reroll.
  • mystar#5733 mystar Member Posts: 174 Arc User
    I thought it was interesting how the delver's delight event is twice as likely to drop premium rewards but they only give you half the reward during the event.
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