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Item level

izrador#6438 izrador Member Posts: 1 Arc User
Dear Neverwinter developers. I've been playing D&D 30+years, and DMing 20+ years. I see that item level has become very important in the game, however, it's becoming an issue. You keep on increasing the item level which might seem a good idea, but there are problems with that. First, the items that are already out there are becoming obsolete. no one wants them, so they farm for the new better gear. This makes all that previous work done by developers a waste and over loads the zones where the better gear can be obtained. This saddens me for several reasons. I love the Ravenloft and Chult areas, but done great and actually there is gear at both places that I would like to put on my characters, but the item level makes me leave them alone. Another point I would like to make is that with increasing the item level, hence, making the characters stronger, you have to increase the difficult of everything. As a DM, it's up to me to make the game balanced and fun for the players, if it's not, then I fail as a DM. I'm seeing this exact problem in Neverwinter. Demogorgan was a fun trial, though a bit easy, but now, it's difficult, and a lot of people as soon as they enter and see what they are in, they leave. Failure to have the game fun for players. I would like to see the item level capped, perhaps at 600. This would make gear from Ravenloft, Chult, and other settings more appealing to all players to farm for and would encourage players to explore and play all aspects of this wonderful game. The wonderful thing about dungeons and dragons is that ability to make your character your way. You have already added more deities giving players more options with their characters, but limit those characters on usable gear. And as a player, I love options, we all do. so please, look at the item level problem, how many people are avoiding the great campaign zones already there and flooding the newer zones to get the better gear, and you will see that people aren't going into places like Ravenloft and Chult unless it's for a legacy quest. Please, balance this issue so everyone can enjoy the game even more. Thanks.


  • greywyndgreywynd Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 6,217 Arc User
    This was loosely accounted for in the combat reworks.
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  • armadeonxarmadeonx Member Posts: 4,903 Arc User
    Yes except we now have this strange middle ground where they are still introducing stuff to increase players item level but not allowing players to use the boost in the majority of content.
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  • anomaleaanomalea Member Posts: 85 Arc User
    Have to really stop thinking of this as a game. It's a business. Its goal is to make money. Every decision made supports that goal.

    When you want a bit of fun, there's your tabletop. When you log on to NW, you've entered a store. Even if you don't want to buy anything, the sales staff is still gonna bug you and make things unpleasant.
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