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[PC] Bug with the cmppanions that where obtained and bound before the combat system change

ultorius#5351 ultorius Member Posts: 2 Arc User
Dear all,
I am copying part of my discussion with GM Uzul as i was asked to also report here my issues after i had opened a ticket. In short i returned recently to the games and the companions that i was already using on every character are missing their enhancement powers and their Companion (offense,defense,utility) Powers. They can be summoned and used though. The companions that i added to my characters recently, even if they were acquired years ago (winter festival gifts) had no issues.

"I am posting 2 screenshots with the stable of all my companions and then screenshots of the page with my companion enhancement where 2 are missing (weapon break from ioun stone of allure and anticipation from dancing blade). I am sure more enhancements are missing but i cant see it because they are covered from other companions who work and have the same effect.

Besides the missing companion enhancements , i have multiple Companion (offense, defense and utility) powers missing.
A list follows with the companions missing their (offense,defense and utility) powers:

Con artist, Siege Master, Fire Archon, Air Archon, Storm Rider, Dancing Blade, Zhentarim Warlock, Scarecrow, Redcap Prowrie, Neveremmber Guard Archer, Moonshae Druid, Lizardfolk Shaman, Lilend, Ioun stone of Alure, Helmite Paladin Ghost, Duergar Theurge, Blink Dog, Alchemist Experimenter.

The same happens with all my alts of my account.The old companions seem to be bugged, and i cant bind the copies that i found on my bags, and even if i could several of them are much lower quality than the ones i currently use."
Best Regards


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