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Maze Engine Campaign Completion Bug?

lordmanshoonlordmanshoon Member Posts: 357 Arc User
I play 2 accounts that have completed Maze Engine on 14 and 34 alts via the combinations of Campaign Buyouts/Tokens/Genies gifts, LONG before the recent campaign rework that is Mod 21. Frustrated as usual with this game, and support forcing my hand into the cesspool they call forums.


  • nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,057 Community Manager
    Issue has been re-escalated. Thank you!
  • lordmanshoonlordmanshoon Member Posts: 357 Arc User
    Any news on this?
  • lordmanshoonlordmanshoon Member Posts: 357 Arc User
    edited November 10
    I know I purchased around 6 of them Campaign Completion Bundles, and used them spread out amongst my alt army. How about a refund for something I should have completion credit for? Plus I purchased zen, exchanged it for ingame astral diamonds, to purchase similar packs from auction house. All my alts have that dwarf fashion and companion already, that you offer in your 'remake' of old content.
  • lordmanshoonlordmanshoon Member Posts: 357 Arc User
    Hello, Curious for an update on my bug issue with my whole 2 accounts not being credited for the Maze Engine completion, long completed before Mod21 rework? As noted in forums, this is 2 accounts, with 14 & 34 alts, mostly completed via Campaign Buyout Bundles, and Zen exchanged into AD to buy single campaigns on auction house. Can't you just 'recreate' the Maze Engine Campaign Completion Token, and give my accounts the associated amount to correct my alt army. I'm really upset that I'm 'locked out' of new DEMOgorgon, and the devs are more concerned about pumping out new zen candy, than addressing/correcting/preventing further issues, that 'they' created.
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