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Castle Never Tune-up

rockster#6227 rockster Member Posts: 795 Arc User
I haven't been logging-in all that much lately, just felt too sad about the game to want to go in, but over the last few days I've been in and playing and I only today just noticed the Castle Never tune-up.

I know I bag the devs a lot but credit where credit is due, good job. It makes far more sense now and a few things which were broken are now working. The lines joining players which at some stage inexplicably stopped doing damage when they bumped together when they should have died which was supposed to give them an actual incentive to panic and fight against being dragged together while still trying to fight and was a well thought-out and fun mechanic, once again works as designed and if you touch, you die. The sphere in the middle of the Rift (zombie) section now works and displays as I guess it was always meant to, for the longest time you couldn't even see it, now it is there, and if you touch it, you bounce back and take serious damage. I'm sort of sad in a way because I had this thing I always did at the end where I would run through it twice and flames would burst out of me and then some black stuff as well, I did it out of habit earlier after the fight was over and got thrown back and lost a huge amount of health, but this is what it was supposed to do as far as I can tell and it's nice to see that, especially the fact it displays properly and isn't invisible or coming and going. The end boss fight has been tweaked and he is harder to kill, honestly, before it was a bit of a joke, after running the whole dungeon you got to that part and he died in a matter of a minute and it was kind of an anticlimax, it just didn't seem like a true boss fight, and I also noticed the timeline has been tightened up considerably and he roars and does his huge strikes much faster and closer together than before, the pace is far better now and that coupled with the higher resistance of the boss means people now have an actual chance to see the rift section and the mechanic where a dps needs to go into it to close it or else Orcus takes hardly any damage and that's back in play. For the longest time he was killed way before anyone even got that far and it was a waste of a good mechanic. The pace of that end fight is much better now and more exciting, more of a traditional climax fight which is a challenge. Only thing I noticed is that the sphere which bubbles in the end part is now gone, but it really served no purpose and I can ignore that.

So well done, nice to see and thankyou.


  • armadeonxarmadeonx Member Posts: 4,903 Arc User
    lassor said:

    It's always nice to get some positive feedback. <3

    By the way, the Death Sphere is still present in the Orcus fight, it's one of the powers he may choose to use during the course of the battle. The Death Sphere that was 'hanging out' was a bug that I resolved, it'll only appear when it's supposed to now.</p>

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