NPC overhead icons do not render with TXAA on some systems

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Windows 7, GTX 1060, drivers 472.12 or 471.11, fullscreen or windowed.

MSAA and FXAA work fine, but TXAA was the default for me.

The icons show up on the screenshots (without UI) and blink on the screen when taking the screenshot.

This does not seem to be a widespread issue, but it is severe as it also affects signalling dungeon mechanics and who knows what else. On Trobriand in LoMM you can barely see the electrified rings or the +/- signs. In CR can't see the dome from the Sunsword daily. Can't see the orb on the scrying stones.


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    Yes I had this problem as well with TXAA on Windows 10 with a GTX 2080TI and tried various driver versions with no difference.
    I found that I was running with Depth of Field disabled (Cinematic view I think it's called in game) and and with TXAA.
    If I enabled Depth of Field the icons came back, but since I hate Depth of Field, I decided to run with MSAA instead of TXAA.

    So the problem is influenced both by TXAA and Depth of Field.

    PS: I can add that this problem started with the release of M21.
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