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Help-The Help Desk is Broken

I just received the same response for my 34th ticked submitted over the last 5 years. Not one single time has the help desk helped me. Not complaints or suggestions, but real issues related to in game bugs that caused me to lose resources. Some my fault but most the game's fault. Is there a way to get them to actually assist us? They always tell me to post here to the bug forum. I've posted so many times because of their recommendation to do so, but only 1 issue was ever even acknowledged even though the issue wasn't resolved. Its extremely frustrating that so much can go wrong and there is nobody to help us.


  • armadeonxarmadeonx Member Posts: 4,952 Arc User
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    @nitocris83 I'm sure you've seen as many similar posts as I have on the forums about the support ticketing system being mostly ineffective.

    I believe the entire system needs a review. I don't know if the game needs improved logs for CS to verify reported issues, whether they need a broader remit for things they are permitted to address personally (including the ability to roll back things players have done) or an improved escalation & response protocol.

    Perhaps confidence could be increased by publishing a summary on the forums of tickets resolved, escalated, pending further info etc.

    The system should really require that a ticket can only be closed if the player/customer confirms acceptance of the resolution (with a date timer to counter non-response from reportees - e.g. CS flags a ticket as resolved & pending acceptance from the reportee, the ticket contains a 7 day timer for the reportee to click ACCEPT/DON'T ACCEPT - if they don't click anything within 7 days it is automatically flagged as resolved. This is because once something is fixed, players often no longer feel the need to check on their ticket).

    I'm aware that people that post on the forums only usually do so when their issue has not been resolved so the forums themselves may create a 'survivor bias' perception where because the resolved issues are not seen, they cannot counterweigh against the unresolved reports.

    That would be the reasoning behind creating a summary report.
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  • jeniblair#2634 jeniblair Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    I can't get my issues addressed either. I have an account wide problem with Undermountain and Elemental Evils. I am going to have to find another game!
  • tiltawhirling#1261 tiltawhirling Member Posts: 73 Arc User
    I just had yet another response from Support that is a blatant lie.

    I reported losing 200 mount tokens -- I took them out of my guild bank and tried to upgrade a Golden Lion (legendary) to mythic, only to discover that the 200 tokens had "disappeared." I submitted a ticket to be told that a) they saw me take out the 200 tokens, b) the "saw" me upgrade a mount to mythic, but couldn't tell me which mount.

    I'm calling bull-you-know-what, because I have 7 mythic account-wide mounts, and more than 3 account-wide mythic mounts. ALL of my characters have mount bolsters of at LEAST 85%. The toon in question, still has a mount bolster of 85%, with 7 mythic and more than 3 legendary. If I had upgraded, as the "experts" claim, I would have 8 mythic mounts and a bolster of 90%. I have neither.

    Those tokens don't come cheap -- if this is the way that we're going to be treated, expect to lose a LOT more players. I just reviewed my PSN account and can say I spent a considerable amount of real money on the game over the last few months. I'm done. Won't be happening again until they do something.
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