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Hellfire Weapons Are No More In The Avernus Store! Where are they?!

oktlryk#2717 oktlryk Member Posts: 148 Arc User
edited August 2021 in General Discussion (PC)
I was looking to grab a few sets of the Hellfire weapons for my alts as a first set to work with while I farm mirage at it's slow going pace - but - no more Hellfire! I took my old set out (ranger) and gave it a run and it works just great with the speed buff being really cool still - Even though they may not be really great weapons, these weapons can work well if you can work with them, like speed and stamina gains are not really very sought after, but can still be useful and enhance a specialized build - anyway, they were easy to obtain!!! What happened? Why're they removed from the store? Where can I get them - if it's still possible?! Thanks for your answers!


  • grumpy#9072 grumpy Member Posts: 15 Arc User
    I think you can only see your own class not other classes, also Bards cant see any at all because why launch a new class that can buy stuff from a campaign sore, that is obviously too much work
  • oktlryk#2717 oktlryk Member Posts: 148 Arc User
    What?! They're still there but I looked at the bard's version which wasn't?! OK - I will check that ASAP after maint! This is really good news!! and thank you! I hope you're right
  • oktlryk#2717 oktlryk Member Posts: 148 Arc User
    Yes ! It is true - Thank God! The weapons are there - except the Bard's!
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