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Constant game crashing

nisckisnisckis Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 654 Arc User
Good evening,

since the first patch from module 21, my game client crashes almost every time I load Protector's Enclave.

Because this game client crash was happening mostly in Protector but not every single time, it looked like some kind of weird bug due to either someone else using a power, enchantment, companion, mount or similar.

Until now, I was using patience until an instance didn't crash, or by asking friends to go to an unpopulated instance from the game so my character was loaded in that instance, because the game tries to put you with friends and guildies.

Unfortunately with my new Bard ("Persefone [email protected]"), I'm in Whispering Caverns doing the leveling mission "Wrathforge" which ask you to enter the Wrathforge. Although I can enter the Wrathforge instance, when I descend the tunnel just after the first pool of enemies, the game crashes every single time.

This is the log message that I get in the game console

Because the mission is a leveling mission, I have no way to continue playing and progressing with this character.

Is there anything reasonable that I can do?

Thanks in advance.


  • percemerpercemer Member, Neverwinter Moderator Posts: 576 Arc User
    edited August 18
    Hello @nisckis,

    Could you please try this method:
    • On the launcher, click on "Options"
    • Uncheck the box "On-demand patching"
    • Check the box "Force verify"
    • Save

    This will download the entire game, if you have not already done so (~32GB), and it will remove in game patching which can sometimes cause some issues.

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  • nisckisnisckis Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 654 Arc User
    Thanks @percemer

    I do always have unchecked the box "On-demand patching" because the game patching when entering a dungeon and making everyone else wait for you was quite embarrassing.

    I just tried the "force verify" again and unfortunately it crashed again :(

    I have copied the character to the preview server and it crashed too :(

    This screenshot shows the place where it crashed in preview too. When the game crashes and it does not totally close, it is shown with this white "fog". I have no idea if this white "fog" is something Neverwinter or Windows 10 does.

  • nisckisnisckis Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 654 Arc User
    Before I forget again, I have even tried completely uninstalling Neverwinter and Arc, and the crashes continued.

    I do not know if there is any files or entries in the Windows registry that I should delete by hand so I have a fully clean install.
  • nisckisnisckis Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 654 Arc User
    Evening update

    Thanks to a friend we have figured a workaround. I have had to go to (labels may be a bit different because my Windows is not in English)
    - Nvidia control panel.
    - 3D config.
    - Program configuration
    - Select "Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter"
    - Disable everything.
    - "Energy control" -> "Maximum performance".

    Save settings, start Neverwinter again and enjoy :3
  • rockster#6227 rockster Member Posts: 793 Arc User
    Energy efficient settings (also called 'green energy' or 'EEE') can also cause problems with disconnects and information flow between you and who you're connected to when they're enabled in the network adapter driver settings. If you can disable them wherever you find them, it's probably a good idea to do that seeing they seem to cause such awful issues.
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