Possible Fix for Mastercrafting +1 Problem

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As I'm sure many are aware, for the Masterwork IV quests, you can perform a task too well, and make a +1 version of an item that doesn't count toward quest completion. It seems devs have know about this problem since at least as early as 2018, but '+1 equipment is very different on the back end' and recoding the quest to count either the item and/or the item +1 is a task that, as of yet, has been insurmountable.

While there is an option to revert +1 materials into regular versions of themselves, no such option exists for crafted equipment.

What about this: Add the ability to smelt +1 items back down into their rare ingredients, giving players a chance to recraft the item at regular quality?


  • mintmark
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    I guess this is what the artisan skill recycle has a chance to do...

    The +1 version of gear also doesn't tick them off in collections, so I'm often trying to make the ordinary version for that reason. The best way I've found is to use a masterwork tool (the purple ones) because they give more proficiency than focus, and any bias in that direction helps.

    Unfortunately those tools are broken since mod 21... hopefully to be fixed soon!
  • naibliss
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    Recycle has a chance to refund materials in the case of a failure, not a critical success.