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M21 Bard Feedback



  • rjc9000rjc9000 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,371 Arc User
    Since development seems to be a bit of a whirlwind, these are the bugs I found as of the 7/17/2021 patch.

    Some of these are repeats of previous bugs I and a few others have reported, so this is just a heads up of stating that these bugs still exist with this most recent patch.

    Found Songblade Bugs
    • Bug 1: Harmonize does not add any extra Action Point gain.

    • Bug 2: Ready to Exploit: The damage buff does not apply to Dancing Lights or Initial Hits of Blaze Flamenco, Steel March, or Tailwind Mambo.

    • Bug 3: Loremaster: The popup localization text for Battle Research (in English, at least) has the popup text "Battle Research2".

    • Bug 4: Redoublement: Using any encounter power during the Redoublement window automatically converts any remaining hits of Ad Libitum/Volti Subito to Inspirational Ad Libitum/Volti Subito

    • Bug 5: The procs of Ballad of the Hero/Witch cannot score any critical hits.

    • Bug 6: Granstand + Ballad of the Hero/Witch: Using Grandstand with Ballad of the Hero/Witch does not give you the Hero's/Witch's Finale.

    • Bug 7: Grandstand + Ballad of the Hero/Witch: Ballad damage procs are not doubled when you play a Ballad through Grandstand.

    • Bug 8:The initial hit of Steel March deals projectile damage, despite stating it deals Physical damage.

    • Bug 9: Ad Libitum with Performer can get stuck if you press the Ad Libitum button too fast.

    • Bug 10: Dancing Lights isn't affected by recharge speed increase.

    • Bug 11: The initial hits of Blaze Flamenco, Steel March, or Tailwind Mambo do not receive damage increases from either Battle Harmony or their own 2% damage buff.


    Thanks for buffing Staccato with my suggestion!

    Of the two single target at-wills, Fleche deals slightly less theoretical DPS than Staccato (more if you ignore Fleche's hit 3), but trades off the advantage to safely attack from range,
    Staccato, meanwhile, has slightly better theoretical DPS and procs things quickly with its cast time, but requires you to be in melee range to use.

  • boltan#5136 boltan Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    In the workshop I can make a lute but there is NO armour for the bard class at all. Why is this?
  • purebishoppurebishop Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    no Celestial Weapons (from Zariel) for bards in campaign shop
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