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Sunset Shard needs another way to be obtain, maybe through the weekly quests

nibs#8955 nibs Member Posts: 155 Arc User
edited June 2021 in Player Feedback (PC)
Restoring the Barovia Sunset artifact weapons is going to take years. The reason is the reagent required, the Sunset Shards are not possible to get realistically. The only place i am told you can get that reagent is from the final boss in the dungeon Castle Ravenloft. Here's the problem, you can que up for a whole week and not get one run in that dungeon, not one, no one is queing for it. IF you're lucky enough to get in there you then have a very VERY tiny chance of the final boss to drop a sunset shard, if he doesn't you have to wait weeks or months to get another shot at getting a run in that dungeon. I have been trying to get in that dungeon for months, more than 6 months, i have only manged to get a few runs.

Can the Sunset shards be added as possible drop rewards for the weekly tasks/quests(not the daily)?. even if its a low chance it'll still be better then waiting years to get a shard. I also don't have any friends to group up with to run through the dungeons meaning restoring these weapons is kinda locked off for me :(.


  • nibs#8955 nibs Member Posts: 155 Arc User
    edited June 2021
    Or even if they can be obtained from the Vistani merchant in an rng way would still be more hopeful as getting into Castle Ravenloft alone is a 1 in 100000000 chance.
  • xenocide#6577 xenocide Member Posts: 228 Arc User
    Join an alliance, form a private group with friends
  • nibs#8955 nibs Member Posts: 155 Arc User
    Don't have any friends at all, the guild i am in i have said in the alliance chat for castle ravenloft, never ever got a reply.
  • rockster#6227 rockster Member Posts: 1,860 Arc User
    In fairness, even a group slapped together from friends or an alliance on the spur of the moment is extremely unlikely to finish CR, the team needs to know the mechanics really well in order to even have a hope of completing it. I've been in groups where they were all totally familiar with how it works and still we failed and had to abandon it after several tries at the last boss. When it was still in the random queue people routinely left as soon as they saw it was CR, not many people want to do it as it's so hard. And because high-end players who have the stats to do it properly have now moved onto other things like VoS etc, people aren't running it on the regular any longer and it's not likely you'll be able to PUG it all that often and when you do most likely it would probably be people who are just interested in trying it out and they will likely fail. Nibs is right, there probably should be a new source for the currency now to compensate. Well I think so anyway. I'm not normally in favour of nerfing anything, but I think the only hope of that dungeon getting people back in it regularly would be if it was nerfed a bit and made more attractive to the average player.
    Apparently pointing-out the bleeding obvious is a 'personal attack'.
  • odanobunaga#4974 odanobunaga Member Posts: 24 Arc User
    Last time we played CR, after mod 20, the three vampire sisters were brutal (the duration of their resurrection spell was too short so you needed fully charged dailies and tunnel views to quickly kill the soul), but the Arcolith was easy and the mighty Strahd was a weakling.
  • nibs#8955 nibs Member Posts: 155 Arc User
    I'll post this topic again in a couple weeks, hopefully someone at Cryptic will see it and consider giving us another way to get Sunset Shards. Even if it's once a week from the Vistani Merchant would be alright
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