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Campaign boons not worth now. Those boons need an urgent rework... AGAIN

xdavidep96xdavidep96 Member Posts: 82 Arc User
Lately I was discussing about the new campaign boons with my guildmates. Everytime a new guild member joins the guild we discuss about about the path of the growth of each player. Everytime we talk about the campaign boons we all reach the same conclusion. Once a character reaches the 3 master boon points, the player can stop progressing with the campaign. This because anyone can cap the power without the need of 25 boon point (5% total stat). None needs the % stat boon just because it's worthless. Now people who complete all the campaign are called "stupid". Seriously, explain me the use of those stupid % boons. One entire campaign gives 1% stat. 1 month of playtime gives only 1% stat. Are you serious?


  • armadeonxarmadeonx Member Posts: 4,952 Arc User
    edited May 2021
    0.2% per boon was a stupid decision, which they made for the sole reason of increasing the necessity for players to max out their companions as fast as possible.

    Why they couldn't have gone with at least 0.5%, I don't know. Maybe now that CW has left, they will reconsider such extreme nerfing.

    On the subject of Power - bear in mind that healers & tanks don't get the power forte - power is essential for healing.
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  • odanobunaga#4974 odanobunaga Member Posts: 24 Arc User
    These boons are a real problem. My tank doesn't know which new boons to choose as he has all the interesting ones. If the game survives several mods, which I doubt in its current state, then Cryptic has to add new ones or rework the system. That's the problem with these linear systems and it makes leveling up new characters even more difficult and tedious.
    I hope they can find a solution towards this problem.

    Forte is something I still don't understand. What's the use of raising random stats you sometimes don't even need? My tank needs defense, awareness, critical deflection and HP. Instead, I get a useless offensive stat raised.
  • vastano#2343 vastano Member Posts: 169 Arc User
    couldnt agree more power ok thats fine @ 0.2% if you need 5% power you can farm it as for everything else should have been 1% per point 5% in any one stat aint gonna be game breaking 0.2% just means those that didnt farm all legacies when boons were usefull sure as aint gonna do them now
    point in case my ranger has all boon points available
    my rogue was built after combat changes it has enough boons to get the second master boon cant be bothered to farm legacy for that char as not worth the hassle
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