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Vault of Stars problems

odanobunaga#4974 odanobunaga Member Posts: 24 Arc User
edited May 2021 in Bug Reports (PC)
We've encountered some problems with the Vault of Stars.
1) In my oppinion, the gardener's green, red and black lines are sometimes not very reliable. Even if you stand inside the green and black line, the game occasionally ignores you and the flower or the guy under Nagoth gets hit despite intercepting the line. Rarely, I can't even see the black line as it pops up too late.

2) My personal favorite: The second and the third boss have a nasty habit of rotating their AoE attacks if you successfully avoided the red area. Sometimes it happens often, sometimes it happens rarely. This is unfair and needs to be fixed!

3) If someone with maximal skulls dies during the hedge maze and spawns outside (at the "fireplace" after the Prince of Frost), then the other players can't enter the final boss fight. Everyone has to kill himself, spawn outside the maze and do it again. When doing the maze again, all enemys except the last three behemoths reappear. It's a big waste of time.


  • bitcrusher#9275 bitcrusher Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    Can confirm #1 and #2, especially #2 is nasty. Not sure whether it is a mechanic or not. As soon as one player dashes/sprints out of the red cone they start to rotate. Same as for tanks, if they holding up their shields and walking out off the red cone with raised shield it also starts to rotate, mostly. I dont like it if its a mechanic but anyways...
  • nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,495 Cryptic Developer
    This was shared with the rest of the team last week for follow up.
  • dsdsddsdds#5064 dsdsddsdds Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    There is a bug/glitch in the third boss too, we can bug it close to the wall, making it not move or use skills, lately there are a lot of people abusing it @nitocris83

  • roadkill#6177 roadkill Member Posts: 534 Arc User
    1. I've also seen the beam ignore my character while it's standing in it to intercept. Lag perhaps?

    2. I would wager the 2nd boss adjustment rotation is a design but really 50/50 on it. Makes it interesting.

    3. The 3rd boss I've seen fixate on a dead player outside the arena like several other boss fights in the game overall. I've seen the dead player targeted by hypothermia also. And if get the golem's hp to 0%, the fight cannot be completed until the player that was already dead commits suicide again.

    Addendum, I've also had happen personally my character on death be teleported to a rest zone area other than the most recent, effectively preventing rejoining the group unless using a travel post or teleport scroll to change zones and then returning to instance. Or, alternatively by leaving the queue group in private parties (which all of my VoS runs have been so far) and then invited again to the queue. If this happened in public queue with neither a teleport scroll or travel post, I would wager abandoning the queue group would be the only option, but that's just speculation.
  • trgluestickztrgluestickz Member Posts: 1,144 Arc User
    edited May 2021
    I have encountered both #2 and #3 bugs before multiple times, annoying as HAMSTER.

    The #2 bug is extremely common, can't seem to go 1 full fight without seeing it. That boss likes to cheat lol.

    Though I am not sure the #3 bug cause is accurate. I think its caused when someone dies and releases in the maze, could only be a chance to happen at all.
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  • odanobunaga#4974 odanobunaga Member Posts: 24 Arc User
    Thanks for fixing the third boss, but the Prince of Frost still has that rotating AoE bug. It's really unfair as everyone without a shield can't do anything against it.
  • arcylic#3789 arcylic Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Yep, same problem with a party I ran yesterday. Bugged out due to final camp fire did not activate properly. One of the team member somehow fall out of the last campfire and could not reach the waiting area to the Golem fight. Upon leaving / re-enter, only to start at the very beginning. The whole party went ahead to wipe at the golem fight, and end up respawn at camp fire before maze. This is not the first time I have encountered this issue.

    Not to mention the countless hours wasted at the Prince of Frost fight with the shifting red cone attack mechanics. This kind of red cone attack shifting appears in Trobrind fight in lomm after the combat rework and was subsequently removed after sometime. If this is the intended mechanics, why even bother with the red indicator at all? And if this is a bug, I am sure you guys can easily remove it. So no excuse there.

    I dropped 3 tickets, while cryptic only bothered to reply to 2 of them and one of the reply was to say it was a duplicate tickets. The other just refer me to PC bugs forum which ends up nowhere.

    And finally after 5 hours back and forth with these "bugs" somehow we got through and beat the golems. And that was after burning through countless health stones and resurrection scrolls. To add insult to injury, they drop dps class legendary rings for tanks and tank / heal class rings for dps class. You have somehow coded the legendary loot chances to drop for the opposite class. Nothing beats seeing tank party members getting the legendary +3% dmg range sniper perk ring, while all I got was garbage loot. After 30+ success runs, still not getting the rings I need for my class and that was after depleting my reroll tokens and subsequently spending 40k AD to reroll end chest per run.

    Somehow I sense that all these "bugs" are left in the game as intended, with the intention to keep VOS loot "Premium"

    This is the type of content left out there while people are waiting for ep3 to come out. You can do better than this.

    I like this game a lot in general and spend long hours in game. But these are the kind of things that's killing me.

    Fix your damn game Cryptic.
  • miraclegaming#9971 miraclegaming Member Posts: 14 Arc User
    Yes we care, which is why we are reporting but I don't understand why you guys are not true to your word.

    You include in your patch notes that the bugs have been "fixed" but apparently it's not.
  • odanobunaga#4974 odanobunaga Member Posts: 24 Arc User
    edited May 2021
    The Prince of Frost still not only has the rotating AoE bug, but the AoE also vanishes from time to time. It also happens with the golems.
    If you didn't see it during the 1 second it was up, you're doomed.
    Very frustrating!

    Sometimes in the maze, when I want to enter the next arena, I'm in combat mode although there are no enemies around. This prevents me from going through the opening.

    Just now, we managed to reach the last boss, but we couldn't enter. Nobody died during the maze part, but I was not able to fight with the others in the third arena due to the combat mode bug. I was only able to enter when the fight was over.

    Idea: Only one resource = less clutter in the inventory -> VoS voucher. You get one for the first boss, one for the second and three for the last boss. You can use these vouchers to buy the armour, the legendary rings and maybe even some other stuff you actually want.
    This way, we have a fair chance to get what we want, you have less resources to deal with and we're all happy.
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  • arcylic#3789 arcylic Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited June 2021
    Seems like nothings being done about VOS bugs.

    Instead of fixing bugs, they nerf weapon sets :P

    GG Cryptic.
  • casewoodshadowcasewoodshadow Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 25 Arc User
    @nitocris83 do we have an ETA on when the shifting red will be fixed at boss #2 in Vault of Stars? It's been problematic since the dungeon has been released and will be extremely aggravating in hardcore mode when it forces a party wide dungeon wipe.
  • malakut#1916 malakut Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 340 Arc User
    @nitocris83 You on a sabbatical or something? Update please.
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