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Whisperknife suggestions from a dedicated WK player, please support.

nibs#8955 nibs Member Posts: 86 Arc User
I am a dedicated WK player, i have been playing WK for a while now. Here are my suggestions to help WK be more viable. Although i enjoy the WK, i also witness why it is a weak class in a lot of situations. I hope my suggestions will get looked at by the devs. I have made suggestions in the past but honestly some of those were terrible. I was new and enthusiastic. Been playing a lot longer and feel i am more practical and understanding of the mechanics and this particular paragon path/class overall.

- At-Wills -

Shuriken Toss: Faster cast time. Add additional effect if in stealth. Stealth effect suggestions > has a chance to add a DoT - If stealthed add an extra 10 magnitude damage - If targets are all in close radius then the shuriken has x amount chance to ricochet an extra time.


- Encounters -

Shadowy Disappearance(SD):
SD should trigger class feature 'Talisman Of Shadows' as when casting SD you enter Stealth.
'Talisman of Shadows' > "when you enter STEALTH you daze and slow foes" <

Shadowy Disappearance(SD):
SD should trigger class feature 'advantageous Position' as SD exits Stealth.
'Advantageous Position' > "for 5 seconds after leaving STEALTH, you maintain combat advantage" <

Vengeance's Pursuit(VP):
The least used Encounter by the few WK players out there, i feel, and i wonder if any other WK players out there agree that this could easily be replaced with a better Encounter. Anyone that says "oh it's good for etc", i'd asked them, let me see your WK build and let me see you use VP as a staple in your build.. they won't. Should be replaced with an AOE to support the WK. The follow up "AOE" effect is absolutely tiny and weak. WK has more AOE opportunity, it would be nice to see that aspect supported as the assassin tree has the single target down very well.

Class Features 'Advantageous Position' and 'Talisman Of Shadows' are supposed to trigger when entering or leaving stealth, but these do not trigger when using Encounter power 'Shadowy Disappearance' which puts you into stealth for 1.5 seconds.


- Class Features -

Razor Action:
RA should trigger on Artifact use, not Daily Power, it's too slow. To balance it out lower the magnitude damage of Razor Action to 150 from 200

Talisman Of Shadows:
Increase duration to 1.5 seconds. Additional - Foes hit during this time take 3% more damage. Or apply a bleed to foes hit during this time etc.

Talisman Of Shadows seems like it does almost nothing. It also seems to have a delay. So when you enter stealth it takes about 0.5 of a second to trigger and from what i can tell you only daze foes for the remaining .5 second left after the delay.


- Feats -

Shadowy Opportunity:
Raise Damage from 15% to 25%-35% depending on how close the enemy is. Increase the duration from 5 seconds to 7 seconds.

GutterBorn's Touch:
Apply an additional effect. Effect suggestion > increase stealth regeneration by 0.5% per foe hit during GutterBorns's Touch. Increase duration from 5 seconds to 6 seconds. Increase damage from 5% to 6%.


- Daily powers -

Lurkers Assault:
Increase duration from 10s to 15s.

Killing Storm:
Killing Storm needs to trigger more hits. At times it hardly hits anyone to make it worth using. Increase the -5% awareness debuff to -10% awareness.


  • trgluestickztrgluestickz Member Posts: 1,117 Arc User
    edited May 11
    I am well versed in how PVP WK works, less so on recent PVE WK builds, though I did recently encounter a well played WK AOE build in VOS that was running blitz, it kicked my assassin's HAMSTER in short AOE fights, I started to catch up in longer fights in general. They used assassin in boss fights. I was doing around 20mil less than them by end of the dungeon.

    For PVP WKs, they outnumbered assassins in PVP throughout much of mod 19 on PC, and were also big on xbox for longer than that. In mod 20 PVP, assassins currently outnumber WKs but both are still viable in solo que. I can easily swap between these 2 specs in PVP, they use the same gear/stats as eachother this mod and only thing different is powers, feats, and how/when to play them.

    You had mentioned vengeance's pursuit being rarely used by WKs, which makes sense for PVE. Though interestingly this is a bread and butter power in PVP for WK. All PVP WKs run vengeance's pursuit and shadow strike. The 3rd encounter power pick can vary a lot, but most commonly is the user's choice of bait and switch, impact shot, or smokebomb; shadowy disappearance is also viable but rarely picked. I usually do smokebomb these days since my WK is nearly maxed out and needs to be able to defend teammates on the go and cut down on enemy CC effects in most matches.

    I'd love having a faster shuriken toss. For PVE, WK probably needs better at will dps in general if it wants to stand a chance in single target fights vs assassin.

    A specific weakness for WK is its long stealth recharge time and the fact that rogues still lose some stealth recharge progress whenever they take damage, it isn't just slowed; this is very significant in PVP and I'd imagine it would also cause issues with WK single target rotations in PVE. WK damage bonuses are tied to stealth. In PVP, it takes around 22 secs on average to regenerate your stealth, you often have to flee and come back because enemies can just keep applying consistent damage to you to delay you from reentering stealth, which is often fatal for the WK.

    To an extent, PVP WK's dependence on doing massive dps per rotation followed by a very long wait is an interesting way to play, but it also makes WK's cons a lot more punishing than for assassin, which makes WK unsafe to run in many situations. The stealth loss upon taking damage thing also makes it harder for the devs to keep both rogue paths competitive with the other classes in PVP without giving us ridiculously huge amounts of damage per rotation and causing an outcry.

    Both rogue paragons have problems in PVP competing with 4 of the other classes in mod 20. Any class that can consistently keep doing damage with little to no downtime (warlock, wizard, fighter, ranger) and has good sustain has a significantly easier time winning games than rogue does right now.

    Assassin is safe to run in pretty much any match, they have better sustain than WK due to their shorter stealth recharge time. In solo que, an assassin compared to an equal skill WK would win slightly more games than the WK would, but both would be close enough together to compete with eachother still. WK you have to be more careful about when you run it, it can be even more powerful than assassin in some games, but in others it can be completely crippled by the enemy players.
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