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skyraven02skyraven02 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
haven't played in a couple of years so i'm looking for some opinions on different classes to play and updated guides.


  • blargskullblargskull Member Posts: 457 Arc User
    According to the "2020-2021" Roadmap you will get a 9th class this fall. Some are saying Druid, others say it will be Monk, I am thinking it will be a fire breathing robot with laser eyes! :trollface:

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  • admiralwarlord#3792 admiralwarlord Member Posts: 487 Arc User
    You didn't mention which classes you played and that would help with the suggestions. I like "sister" classes very much, since the drop equipment or via seals for those who are starting or returning can be purchased and it is suitable for many such as Barbarian, Guardian and Paladino. If I remember the memory CW and SW, SW and DC and I think TR and HR. The first 3 are the ones I like the most, because you can make a DPS, Tank and a Healer.
  • lantern22lantern22 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,103 Arc User
    Will probably be a great weapon fighter. Cross between barbarian and fighter except it will have two DPS paragons, no tank option. Will be bis DPS for next 15 mods.
  • blargskullblargskull Member Posts: 457 Arc User
    I own 6 classes, but so far only played 3 of them to any magnitude. Tiefling Rogue was my first, I really liked the dodging and teleporting. I never used it for PvP, but he kept getting nerfed because other players complained about PvP. Hiviticus retired after he destroyed Valindra, dragged her huge phylactery from Thay all the way back to Neverdeath Graveyard, where he presented it to the Doomguides. Then I started up my Thayan Red Wizard only known as the Dervish of Thay. He has the illusionist as a companion. He wields a magical scythe that was acquired from the Summer Festival. He left Thay because his superiors told him he wasn't a wizard, had no magical nature, and would be a suitable Death Knight. You got to love the politics of Thay. Currently I just finish part one of New Sharandar with my King Thorne. He is only 20K item level fighter, but we got allowed to enter the area by direct admission. He is a King after all. He is now waiting for part 3 to drop so he can do parts 2 and 3 back to back. I also have a wizard, paladin, and warlock waiting for King Thorne to finish up his tales of adventure before they move on up.

    @skyraven02 you said, a couple of years. Does this mean before Undermountian? If you recall which campaign you finished last, I am certain people here can be more helpful. If a couple of years is an ingenuity for saying Module 6, then a lot of stuff has happened since 2015, but new classes is not one of them. :trollface:

    Just killing time...
  • armadeonxarmadeonx Member Posts: 4,894 Arc User
    It depends on what you like to play; dps ranged, dps melee, tank, healer. The game doesn't really do buffers anymore.

    Rogue is the most fun and has good dps, cleric has the best of both worlds; a good dps path and a good support path, fighter is the best tank and also has a dps path.

    Don't roll a paladin, the devs appear to have an issue with the class and it's best to avoid it. I'd avoid the wizard too unless you are ok with spending real money on boosting it to a high level.
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  • adinosiiadinosii Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4,294 Arc User

    According to the "2020-2021" Roadmap you will get a 9th class this fall. Some are saying Druid, others say it will be Monk, I am thinking it will be a fire breathing robot with laser eyes! :trollface:

    And those who know are employees or under an NDA and not talking....just sit back and wait, and be ready to go either "Oh, no" or "Oh, yes" once anything is announced.

    Hoping for improvements...
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