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Hi all

As a barbarian player, i just wanted to share my experience about gameplay as barbarian in mod 20.

First of all i started to play neverwinter 1 year ago in mod 19. The game was pretty cool actually at those days. Most of powerful players told me to i need to get item level and full power for being a high dps. During that 1 year i just did it. I made my companion and mount bolsters are %100, bought an augment companion, made so many hunt in avernus, took hunt gears, even bought storyteller set. At the end of mod 19 it was pretty enjoyable to play a barbarian. Then cryptic said we got a big surprise for mod 20. I just got excited about this. Because that was mean new contents, new gameplay systems, new action. I excited beacuse i was almost an end game player.

And mod 20 has arrived...

New feat: Overpenetration.
Ok now this feat says you need to cap power and accuracy ratings for get %5 total damage as barbarian.
Accuracy? Am i look like throwing my sword anywhere? Didnt understand but ok. (when you try cap accuracy its really hard to focus on other stats.)

When combat rework happened i just realized i need to try to cap all of my dps stats. Just like every dps in game. For make this i decided to use assassin's covenant as insignia bonuses like every barbarian. Because without those capping almost impossible. Also who need defansive stats right? We are playing dps character.
When i test my build first time in a dungeon it was enough to 1 shot for me to die. 1 shot from mobs. Only 1...
Then i understand i need to change my gameplay. Because that 1 shot coming from combat adv. I just need to dont let mobs to get my behind.
But technically this is not possible in this mod. Mobs are just keep running until they got my back. We are just running together in dungeon. Isnt it fun? At first at least but this was not actually my expecting from a mmorpg for fun. Then i just tried to kill them before they got my back. Wait can i get any combat adv please? Im looking combat adv circle around mobs feet, its like only %20 of full circle. Btw in these days augment companions are not very popular. Because dpses are not enough high without combat companions. Now i can try to hit a mob from right corner and get combat adv for kill them fast. But ofcourse i cant because combat adv part in circle is dancing. Its going right im going there when i arrive its at left now. How am i suppose to catch it? Still running with mobs in dungon but this time we are running around each other. Very funny. When my stamina bar is empty i have no chance to survive.
Ok dying is not really problem for a barbarian. We are ready to die when we are in fight. This is the main mechanic for barbarian in every game. But not like this.
I need a chance for hit at least.

Long story short im just really disappointed about these changes as a gwf player. I tried to play new content (new sharandar) for get little bit fun from game at least.
New Sharandar is totally sloppy content. An awful map, worse rewards, same thing with new cover.

Its been 4 months i guess and im still trying make new build for myself. I just realized gwf has been lowest dps in mod 20 from top dps in mod 19. Thats not actually a problem but gameplay is not enjoyable anymore. I think gwf needs a change. Not a buff. Beucase i dont think gwf can adapt to this new system and content.

I need to say, these are my experience and toughts. I would like to discuss these with everyone if you have better options.

Thank you.


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    I'm mostly pissed about how clunky it is. On dummies, when competing with other classes, barbies perform sort of fine. But in dungeons? Nope.

    I'm not sure if it's because the altitude differences in the map topography, but a HUGE number of my hits, from both encounters and at wills don't connect. I have to hug the enemies to deal damage, at which point I'm dead.

    Speaking of which, every DPS class has a ranged option. Warlocks, Wizards, Clerics and Rangers I don't have to explain, Rogues have cloud of steel and Fighters have that shockwave thing. Barbies get a few encounters with low magnitude and incredibly long cooldowns.

    So let's say on TIC 2nd boss, or basically every boss in Vault of stars - Barbies can't do anything. Pick one - try to do damage and die, or basically AFK.

    This is NOT good design. Barbies sustained in M15 via lifesteal, but now we're not durable enough and healers can't focus us, especially since our DPS right now is the bottom of the barrel.

    I've been playing my barbie for about 5k hours. Mostly because I've had most fun there. But ever since the last combat change, I've been having more fun playing literally anything else in any other role - it doesn't matter which one.

    So, can @cwhitesidedev#9752 or @nitocris83 or someone tell me - I know you're all gamers, do you think it's fair that one class gets screwed so bad? I'm not asking for a massive buff of the class, I can still deal *some* damage. What I'm asking for is just to make it viable. Not only am I less useful on those bosses (below explained why), but I'm not any tankier and I just don't have any options to be viable.

    As an example why barbies aren't useful - partly due to the stamina regen bug, making my sprinting useless. I have 3 equipment pieces that make my damage entirely depend on my stamina (Lionheart, 1.5k TIL boots from VOS, 5k power shirt from T3 Avernus hunt), so I can't sprint because I'd lose approx 15-20% of my damage, so I use punishing charge.

    However, that doesn't resolve the core issue - on Zaphael, i think it's called (2nd tic boss), when he does that fire circle thing that lasts - if the tank doesn't move which is common in random groups, ranged classes can do something, and I can die.
    This is something that repeats in the new dungeon.

    On the 1st boss, gardener lad - with the slows, I can either lose that 15-20% DPS by sprinting everywhere after my punishing charge goes on cooldown (I started using savage advance as utility instead of damage, 500 IQ), or not deal any damage. Ranged classes don't have that problem.

    On the 2nd boss, the prince of frost or whatever; those ice things? I often die because the ice below kills me too quickly. I have plenty of damage (enough to top charts in competent groups), 650k HP, 55% awareness and 45% defense, what's more than most. I still die. So I HAVE to rely on my teammates to do that instead of me. I've talked to a few barbie friends. Same issue.

    On the 3rd boss, we have to stand in the black to deal damage because by the time we get to the other side, we don't get to hit the boss. Our stamina is just *GONE*.

    I believe you're all competent people working under bosses that haven't played a game since they were in diapers, but you need some creative freedom. Get on it, please.
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    To be honest it’s not a class thing. The game is all wrong... Tanks are 1 shot, healers are bored and dps miss their dps and a little survivability. The devs forgot to ad rewards, FUN and knowledge of classes feats to the rework

    Everyone feel like their class got the short stick. So what is lacking? Game knowledge from the devs
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    It is always good to see the perspective of other players. In ICT on the second Boss as it was mentioned, it reminded me of what a Dev once said, melee classes would do 5% more damage than ranger classes because they attack from anywhere, this currently I think has been discontinued. Yes, the class needs self-regen gain since there is no more lifesteal, but the bonus for nignes was nefed, the armor enchant was nerfed and the weapon enchant I never tested, but it must be pathetic since I don't see anyone using it it. There are equipments like Leo's armor and others that also give self regen, but who will stop using Ribcage to use this one? Although it is not a competition, the players want to be recognized, they want their effort to appear at the end of the content executed.

    Rage, a bonus and a problem. The class depends on this power that with its bonuses comes the onus. We are totally dependent on it and to be competitive we use it uncontrollably (whenever the bar fills, we will activate it). Sometimes you will die because you have not saved that power and this is really strange in terms of competing with other classes.

    Regarding the insignia bonuses, I was disappointed with the nerf in the self regen bonuses. Imagine nerfando something that few already used. Looking at other bonuses, it is much better to have a bonus that gives 20% DAMAGE to your Pokemon (yes, I hate attack companions and I think DPS classes shouldn't use them) than one that gives you 2% self regeneration. every 10 seconds? 2% if it was active 100% of the time would still be bad compared to the boost of Pokemon and taking into account that the mobs now do much more damage.

    As I haven't played much lately, I can't say that the class is in a good place, but in my opinion, it is very viable for any content. I write this because today I made 2 CoDG with my day-to-day build (I have a stronger build using potions) and I was very close to an HR with the same item level and that had better weapons than the ones I use and had one Pokemon Xuna. First run 25M in damage to the HR, I 16M; Second run 23M for HR, I 16M in damage.
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    Basically to be able to survive, something ranged classes have no issues with, we have to sacrifice more damage, and we're already below from having to dodge melee attacks. Barbies are way too clunky. It has literally no advantages compared to other classes. For example, TRs have just a stupid amount of damage. HRs have range, AND a stupid amount of damage.
    GFs have a permanent buff to damage basically, something Barbies have to struggle with, AND a ranged option. Plus they have tanking with some utility for other players.
    SWs have range and good damage. Clerics have range and good damage.

    Barbies are no tankier, offer no more DPS, while barely being functional and having to rely on using encounters at effectively the worst possible times to maximize how much Rage uptime they have, as it's the only way they can do any decent damage.
    I miss mod15. All they needed to do is slightly nerf GF, GWF and TR and it would've been balanced. But that doesn't bring money, I guess.
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    Please check this post, our ability survive and deal damage is the same with our ability of movement. Hovever our stamina is not refreshing as it should, this is the problem. Our damage is fine, but we can't place ourselves right because we are almost always out of stamina in any dungeon environment.
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    you know what is absurd in this game the speed that the mobs speedi gonzales have would be envious even flash would be envious of the mobs and not only that, they do not have a stamina they strike while they run and slide while they leave spells or daggers, so much to the ridicule of programming.

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    Some of the criticisms expressed here are fair, but others are not. I built two characters just with the help of the system and took them to 30,000 K, able to go through all dungeons and maps, except New Sharandar, and made a PDF guide capable of proving what I claim.

    A new updated PDF Guide (2021) for new players.
    An essential guide to building two characters (Barbarian and Fighter) capable of quickly reaching 30K equipment points.
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    Some of the criticisms expressed here are fair, but others are not. I built two characters just with the help of the system and took them to 30,000 K, able to go through all dungeons and maps, except New Sharandar, and made a PDF guide capable of proving what I claim.

    A new updated PDF Guide (2021) for new players.
    An essential guide to building two characters (Barbarian and Fighter) capable of quickly reaching 30K equipment points.

    1. Any particular reason why you could not do Sharandar? You are supposed to be allowed to be there until 10:30am June 22 for any item level.
    2. You doc does not have public access.
    The game can read your mind. If you want it, you won't get it. If you don't expect to get it, you will.
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    It now takes 40k to access New Sharandar, and making a guide for 40k is quite time consuming, at least another month for each character. You're right, I've corrected the link, now it's public, with free access.