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Crashes - Ring of Fowl Weather

taikaias#9396 taikaias Member Posts: 48 Arc User
edited April 30 in Bug Reports (PC)
I don't know if it is because I am running with an Abyssal Chicken active at the same time, but I keep crashing to desktop when I use Ring of Fowl Weather with the Vortex from the Legendary Carpet and Onslaught.

EDIT: Just happened a second time in less than five minutes it seems. Abyssal Chicken's Swarm was active and procc'ing when I used Vortex, Ring of Fowl Weather, and Onslaught. Game crashed to desktop again.

EDIT: Abyssal Chicken was not summoned, but it crashed to desktop again when this same combination was used, minus the abyssal chicken.


  • nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 3,790 Community Manager
    Did it crash in different maps or in the same zone?
  • hastur905hastur905 Member Posts: 170 Arc User
    I have noticed this happening as well, not zone related i believe. Has occured a few times in New Sharandar, and once in Avernus. It is not constant, but seems to happen when i have agro'ed a number of enemies and then pop it. So it might be related to the number of animations activated.
  • taikaias#9396 taikaias Member Posts: 48 Arc User
    edited May 6
    The times that I've had it happen were in New Sharandar. I have tried the combination elsewhere too to test (Stronghold, Vallenhas).
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