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(New?) Auto Log-out Timer / Screen Lock Issues

I'd rank this only as a 'mild irritation' but still think it worth mentioning:
In just the last couple weeks I have started seeing an auto log-out message saying I have been inactive for over an hour. The first problem is it takes me back to the main log-in screen but I cannot select Play (or any other option, there is no cursor functionality). I have to crash out Neverwinter and re-start to get back in. I'd estimate this happens about half the time, the other half I can select Play normally and everything resumes as expected.
Tonight it did it again, with the same 60-minute inactivity message, but the strange part this time is I am sure I had only put the controller down for about 5 minutes, certainly nothing close to an hour.


  • nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 3,790 Community Manager
    Thanks for reporting - I'll pass this on.
  • crusthelvetecrusthelvete Member Posts: 86 Arc User
    Ya, i have the same issue, since 1,5-2 weeks.
    Have to re-start client 1-2 times everytime when im gonna play.
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