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Question about Sparkling Fey Emblem artifact sets

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The effect is the same with Demogorgon sets, can anyone explain what is the meaning "difference between the hit point percentage"

If my HP is 100% and and the target HP is 100% is that mean I got 10% buff or 0% ?


  • darthpotaterdarthpotater Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,076 Arc User
    Lescar PvE Wizard - Sir Garic PvE Paladin
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    Undermontain Survivor
    Mod20 Combat rework Survivor
  • bumhug#4005 bumhug Member Posts: 80 Arc User
    Formula is: ABS((TargentsCurrentHP%)-(OwnCurrentHP%)) /10 =additional Damage%

    I have this information from this video
  • diretide#7073 diretide Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    Ty for the answer guys.
  • admiralwarlord#3792 admiralwarlord Member Posts: 402 Arc User
    This set has an average of 2.5% damage, which is the same as the ICT set gives you, and the latter still has +2.5% bonus versus demons. Maybe if you use race Tiefling, this set becomes BIS, but it's just a theory I believe to be feasible and plan to test at some point on my CW, since this is a class with synergy with the race.
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