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META Paladin build for better gaming experience

drago#3250 drago Member Posts: 190 Arc User
edited March 9 in The Citadel
Dear all paladins,
since mod 20 & combat rework (paladin nerf) released you may have problems at gaming a paladin or have no more fun. Since 99% of the game is solo experience do not listen to DPS players what to do. You will end like having troubles with really slow time to kill ratio.
1.) Build the character you need to have fun. Every DPS Paragon path build DPS build for good reason. We as Paladin need to do the same now with the changes. Build your DPS Paladin first to have fun. Do NOT listen to DPS players.
2.) Now when you achieved easy action styled DPS gameplay you are ready to build the tank you need for 1% of the game in group play. If someone complain you are not full tank, remember you are still leveling up.
I did big amount of testing and came to same result as Aragorn (it is his video not mine) just shown in a youtube video. Long story short: Big kudos to Aragorn.

As a new player you go for a black ice prospector, because Xuna is to expensive. Black ice prospector is a good budget solution and many will have him already from Winter festival. Your enchantments: Not all have to be ranked up to maximum. Everything to rank 11 at start is good aswell. Start upgrade your indomitable Runestone first. It is an important part of your damage.


  • armadeonxarmadeonx Member Posts: 4,904 Arc User
    I love aragorn's guides - except for the one he did on the preview server called "Paladins Are The New Gods of Neverwinter!" and got us all nerfed lol
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