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TiC issues (again) and other stuff.

xaltius#7326 xaltius Member Posts: 26 Arc User
Overcook is again all wrong. It now deals 15k dmg per tick. And thats it. Last patch came with the announcement that Overcook is supposed to deal a reasonable amount of dmg but it doesnt really. It hits too little now. I know I sound like a broken record, but this needs to be fixed. Ever since the combat changes it has been one 180 after the other with this boss. I just get the feeling, whoever coded it this time, probably meant to type 150000 instead of 15000 for the dmg, but apparently they forgot a zero at the end.

Also when are we going to get fixes for CR? I have already made a post about it before. That dungeon deserves better.
Also are we gonna see any new weapon sets for the next Sharandar episode?


  • datarider#1036 datarider Member Posts: 210 Arc User
    edited March 2021
    we asked for a fix and now it heals me :D:D Im not complaining again - its better than nothing, assuming they cant fix hamster for the life of them...
  • roadkill#6177 roadkill Member Posts: 534 Arc User
    I was getting ready to try solo TIC, but if it's broken still, guess I'll wait.
  • xaltius#7326 xaltius Member Posts: 26 Arc User
    i know. I should not complain either, but i cant stand this broken HAMSTER. Its like they are doing this on purpose, while stroking their white cats or smthng : "mwahaahaha what can we break this week"

    It is getting annoying. Who knows. 2 days to the next maintenance right? Lets hope the devs see this and apply a quick fix for TiC at least. Im not even gonna bother with w8ing for CR to get fixed. It is clear they have given up. They can go ahead and remove the whole barovia from the game if they want to.
  • durugudesudurugudesu Member Posts: 555 Arc User
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