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Soul Puppet synergy broken with Mirage Weapon Set - Problem with Stacking Soul Investure

Hello, after obtaining Mirage weapon set i noticed that here is something broken with soul puppet/hadar grasp mechanics while using mirage weapon set.
Sometimes after using hadar grasp, instead of refresh timer and give another stack of SI, It summon new soul puppet with fresh timer, and time of ur stacked SI stack did not refreshing and fading away
Here is video evidence


And there is screenshot, you can clearly see. That instead of giving another stack of Soul Investure and refresh timer to 20Second. It summon completly new soul puppet. And u need to start building ur SI stacks from beggining.


Please check it out. Soul investure stacks are big part of Warlock dmg.


  • ppwojtek1#3767 ppwojtek1 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    With further testing, that bug dont appear only on mirage weapon set, but on others too
    In that video i cant even build more then 1 Stack of SI, 2x times completly new soul puppet is summoned, and i didnt get more then 1 Stack

  • mongol69mongol69 Member Posts: 333 Arc User
    edited February 25
    I reported problem with si stacks issues a long time ago, but still no change. It only reliably stacks when hg directly used after hfr, any other combination and si stacks can stall and drop off. Most times when attacks queued after stacking stalls it won't resume untill you stop attacking.

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  • ppwojtek1#3767 ppwojtek1 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    That bug i post is fresh, and didnt happened earlier on console.
    Soul Investure drop off bug you mention, had to be something other, belive me i played warlock long enought, that i noticed that almost imadietly, that after using hadar grasp instead of getting another stack, i summoned another soul puppet and old one vanish. I could keep 5 stacks of SI for whole 1st phase on ToMM since release, and now after rework its bassicly impossible to get 5 stacks. Sometime i manage to go up to 5 stacks on test dummy, but most of the time it like resetting around 3
  • nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 3,698 Community Manager
    Issue with Hadar's Grasp was reported previously for investigation.
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