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Where/How Does The Development Team Get The Class Balance Data?

This is a huge issue and has been for a while, classes are far from balance especially factoring in certain set/bonuses and class bugs. Im curious where the team is getting the information to balance classes and/or if they are even bothering to care?

A. If we know the source maybe certain players can help give that source better information
B. If the team does not care about balance then just say it to save these discussions all together


  • darthpotaterdarthpotater Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,060 Arc User
    I assume they use the data on Neverwinter servers?
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  • zimxero#8085 zimxero Member Posts: 876 Arc User
    There was a Cryptic post during Mod 19 that they were adding more data collection nodes to analyze class statistics, presumably for balance. Over the years I've noticed the following:

    1) they wont buff any skill on a class they consider to be top-end in PvP or end-game dungeons.
    2) they wont buff any skill considered "good" in PvP or end-game dungeons, for the other classes.
    3) they seldom change or buff the neglected powers that no one ever uses.

    The remaining powers get changed occasionally as they see fit according to a schedule that seems random on our end.
  • xavior44xavior44 Member Posts: 146 Arc User
    edited February 28

    I assume they use the data on Neverwinter servers?

    My concern exactly and the very glaringly obvious reason for the imbalance.
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