Unbound Staff of Flowers Artifact changed to bind on pick up. Why?

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I have a couple of unbound staff of flower artifacts in the guild bank and all their status is now binds on pick-up (character). How is this possible? These were lockbox drops from a while back. I took one out and now it became bound to my character. That's how I found out. The hard way. Was going to sell it in the AH but can't anymore. Just a warning to others. Check the bind status on any items you take out of the guild bank. This is annoying. Hopefully this is an error and will be fixed.


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    I have stored several unbound Staff of Flowers along with other artifact sets on an alt, not a guild bank. After reading the forums I checked and they are now btc on the storage alt :( Never mind selling them, I cant use them now on my active toons.
    Thats not right. If there had been some warning that bound status was going to change I would have at least spread them around to active toons. Please revert their status , thank you.
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    @nitocris83 @cwhitesidedev#9752 @noworries#8859

    Yup. Three unbound artifacts that I have and had earned through gameplay are now suddenly bound.

    How does one even *cause* a breakage like this? It would take a script that cycled through every player in the system database to change the bind status of a single item. What were the devs even *doing* mucking about with something that intrusive? I'm having a hard time even thinking of a scenario where such a thing could ever happen accidentally. Do they have players stored in an Oracle database and handed the job of forming the SQL query to a new person? That would be like using a chainsaw with all of the safety guards removed.

    This needs to be fixed. Yesterday.
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    Bags had the same issue long time ago and they are still "looking at it".
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    I think they are employing some interns from Acquisitions Inc...
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