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Please Make an Emperor Beatle that Flies 100%!

Lovely Emperor Beatle.. But it has such a nice flight pattern!!! Can't you make one that flies 100%? It's awesome - insect wings and nice flight pattern! Only hopping on the beatle but can't you guys program one that flies 100% - yeah a real flying mount - an insect - a flying beatle! It'll be incredible! Thanks and L8ER!


  • samerikersameriker Member Posts: 169 Arc User
    edited February 2021
    Never going to happen. The same reason Carpets, Griffions, even the $40 angel wings from the zen store DO NOT fly. Every mount either hovers or floats, a meter at best, above the ground. A real quick way to see the "issues" of flight in almost any zone can be done by one and all.

    Choose the zone you want to fly around and type into chat: /demo_record fly.demo and Enter. Wait about 2 to 3 minutes then issue the stop command: /demo_record_stop and exit the game.

    Find the folder on your hard drive Cryptic Studios\Neverwinter\Live and use File - Open Windows Powershell. At the prompt you need to type: x64\GameClient.exe -demoplay fly.demo

    This will start the game offline running the demo, there is no need to log in. After the demo starts playing you can press the F2 key to unlock the camera. To fly around you can use the keyboard and mouse. W is forward, if I recall holding the middle mouse button allows you to free aim. There are few people who know all the shortcut keys, F4 shows a wireframe projection, this tool made by Cryptic in all the games is poorly developed as their standard.

    Flying around in some places works (it actually looks good) but most maps quickly show the backdrops, props, and breaks the illusion. Big open maps like Well of Dragons, Strongholds, and Barovia are good.

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  • oktlryk#2717 oktlryk Member Posts: 148 Arc User
    I mean like when it hops - that 'hover' is enough lol - like wings and stuff - carpet etc
  • greywyndgreywynd Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 6,514 Arc User
    I get tired of having to visit a cleric every time I ride a broom to have my knees repaired.
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  • oktlryk#2717 oktlryk Member Posts: 148 Arc User
    Of course a full scale flying 'mount' would be the ultimate experience! Imagine flying above the forests and cities, it'd be great fun! Greywyd - have you tried the Winter Festival version? LoL!
  • plasticbatplasticbat Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 10,635 Arc User

    have you tried the Winter Festival version? LoL!

    One of my character uses the Winter Festival version. He is okay with it because he has a peg leg. :)
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