Indomitable Runestone Bug

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When Indomitable Runestone had its % reduced from 40% to 20% there seems to have been a problem where it's only giving rougly 10%. Unless it was not only reduced but the formula was changed as well, there is an issue somewhere where they are giving less than intended. The previous formula during tests of any amount of 1-6 Indomitables shows a 10% per Indomitable damage increase. This formula was; "base * (1+ indoms percentage) * (1 + warlord's percentage)" While warlord's gives the correct amount of damage using this formula, Indomitables seems to have only 10% instead of 20%. If the math has changed I would appreciate understanding the new calculations.

Thank you for your time,
Nimbus :)


  • eversummer#1666
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    hello. on my testing, indomitables seems working as intended.
    but it is the warlord inspiration insignia bonus which doesnt work at all

    can you confirm by taking this into account on your results?
  • c9nimbus
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    Warlords is working for the same formula before the combat rework. Indomitable is giving 10% not 20%.