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How can the Fighter be improved?

damnaciousdamnacious Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 348 Arc User
What would you like to see improved with the Vanguard or Dreadnought Fighter?


  • silente07#2597 silente07 Member Posts: 210 Arc User
  • rjc9000rjc9000 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,350 Arc User
    Change the name of the DPS spec and its passives/mechanics to not be so edgy.

  • damnaciousdamnacious Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 348 Arc User
    rjc9000 said:

    Change the name of the DPS spec and its passives/mechanics to not be so edgy.

    Would you be able to elaborate a bit further on what you mean by the term 'edgy' please buddy?

  • sagakaiyume#0847 sagakaiyume Member Posts: 333 Arc User

    Dps spec discussed not too long ago, with amazing suggestions particularly by rjc, I'd actually bother rebuilding my dps spec if something along those changes happened.
  • stark760stark760 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 462 Arc User
    To start, change the Tab mechanic. Make it a replacment of lunging strike(that ups your DPS, and maybe has a secondary effect up close and rage bar charged), or let slot another encounter that acts like the CW tab move to allow extra encounter with more Mag on what you put there. Give a choice of 3 unique moves/features for the Tab move.
  • rjc9000rjc9000 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,350 Arc User

    Would you be able to elaborate a bit further on what you mean by the term 'edgy' please buddy?

    As defined by Urban Dictionary, someone (aka: asterdahl) is trying way too hard to sound cool.

    I would say my main issue is that there's a huge disconnect between the names and the gameplay.

    Legacy of Conqueror:
    I adored playing Conqueror Guardian Fighter since, unlike Destroyer GWF, Conqueror was to be played with more finesse as a counter attacker that rewarded you for knowing how to tank.

    Let the enemy hit you to place Combat Superiority/build Reckless Attacker/Shield Warrior Wrath stacks.
    When an opportunity presented itself, use Knight's Challenge and lay waste to your opponent.
    But don't get too careless with attacking, as if you weren't paying attention to enemy patterns, you would die from the double damage penalty on KC.
    Of course, the Survivors Wraps, buffs, debuffs, and Shepherd's Devotion rendered that concept moot,

    Still, the feats and concept were there (and did exist if you had to solo dungeons), but were killed by power creep.

    Conqueror emphasized being a smart, intelligent person that happened to fight with planning.
    But this replacement spec brought in Mod 16? Mostly has mechanics which suck, making it seem like asterdahl is trying too hard to come off as cool.

    Vengeance/Vengeance Meter:

    The word literally means something like "desire for revenge", but what exactly am I desiring revenge on? Sure, random damage will fill the meter, but for the most part, you'll be filling the meter with feats and tapping Seethe.

    Also, the meter itself was underwhelming and not really a meter. Until now, the best way to play the spec was to have the meter stay at full all the time, occasionally drain it with one power, then fill it right back up. You wouldn't bother with Landwaster due to it being overkill, Crushing Blows barely procc'd when we had 200,000+ Power, and Anvil will only drain your meter once every 13 seconds. It's only right now where I can say there is some form of meter management, mostly due to Crushing Blows actually proccing a lot, causing meter to drain when combined with Weight of Vengeance.

    If the spec was a tank spec that was your "tank that can deal some damage" deal, I could buy the revenge theme. But the gameplay, unlike Conqueror, doesn't revolve around counter attacking, so I really have no clue why they picked the name "Vengeance" other than "it sounds super cool and edgy".

    I would have rather they called the meter "Combat Superiority" (and rename the passive to "Tactical Superiority") and call the encounter powers "maneuvers", since you can at least justify those names as being part of 5e's Battle Master subclass.

    My first thought of this name makes me think of a class of war ship, not some ... fantasy class ... thing.

    Asterdahl tried to spin the spec name as "fearless", which is the literal meaning of the words put together (Dread =fear, naught = without). What an "indicative" name about a spec that gets two different ways to hide behind a shield and being in a game where you must let a tank take point, or get one hit.

    Also kind of funny/sad: the class with the name "Fight" in its name, when picked as the DPS path, gets the best methods to run away from combat (Greater Endurance, Momentum, Into the Fray) and was relatively ineffective in combat.

    Heated/Steady Vengeance, Striker's Mark, Bloody Reprise, Roiling Hatred, Weight of Vengeance, Landwaster

    These are all such prose like names that sound impressive but are usually rather lackluster in use.

    Heated/Steady Vengeance are bad passives.

    Striker's Mark makes me miss the old marking mechanic and the feat itself is probably better as Leecher's Mark, since you have better attacks available besides Commander's Strike.

    Roiling Hatred is somewhat redundant, since it literally means "agitated anger". Though I suppose it's very agitating, since this effect should have been baked into the mechanic in to the first place (attacks generate a small amount of meter).

    Bloody Reprise doesn't involve blood and its meter recovery was redundant with how bad Crushing Blows was for a long time.

    I have no clue how much Vengeance weighs, but the cooldown reduction and base damage increase to Anvil are fantastic, if making Anvil way better than all the other encounters.

    Landwaster makes me very disappointed that there aren't more ways to chain encounters together at the expense of the Vengeance meter.

    Executioner's Cut is the only name I can unironically say that fits and does what it did.

    Heavy Slash, Brazen Slash, Earthshaker, Shockwave, Shield Slam, Mow Down, Second Wind

    Wow, "Heavy" Slash and "Mow Down". Really breaking the imagination there, asterdahl.

    And for Brazen Slash/Earthshaker/Shockwave/Shield Slam/Mow Down/Second Wind: What was the point of renaming these attacks from their old names of Crushing Surge, Villain's Menace, Shockwave, Frontline Surge, Indomitable Strength, and Fighter's Recovery if you just kept the 4e D&D names for many other powers?

    If Cryptic wanted to pretend that their game is based on 5e D&D to appease their corporate overlords, they should be consistent about everything and not half do it.

    The flavor text mentions getting angry from behind your shield for ... some reason? The word itself means "to become agitated", which is very fitting for a describing how many players felt when seeing this lazy, recycled mechanic.

  • hypervoreianhypervoreian Member Posts: 1,036 Arc User

    What would you like to see improved with the Vanguard or Dreadnought Fighter?

    For Vanguard:

    1.Change forte benefit from accuracy to awareness.

    2.Increase range ,animation delay of Linebreaker. magnitude should be increased to 550-700 .
    3.Reduce recharge of ET to 10 secs.
    4.Remove shield slam knock back and add knockback to a feated feature. So one that wants to use in pvp still can, while power will be viable for pve. Increase magnitude to 400-450.
    5.Reduce IWarrior ICD to 10-12 secs
    6.Reduce KC ICD to 12 secs.
    7.Improve Dig In clumsy animation. It takes far too long to activate. It cannot be used against fast bosses at all.
    8.Reduce cast of Cleave to 0.25-0.30
    9.Remove the stepping forward of cleave. We ask 8 years for that.
    10.Increase Shield talen regen bonus from 2% (lol) to 5-8%
    11.Increase Anvil of Challenge animation.It is clunky it is laggy.Remove the charge part it is laggy and unrelaible.
    12.Increase enduring warrior bonus from 5% to 25%.
    13.Fix sharpened senses caue now they dont work.They give 0 bonus.
    14.Fix Brazen slash animation. It is clumsy for 8 years.make it more fluid. Reduce cast time.

    Remove CA from bosses.
    decrease add damage in lated dungs.
    Improve tanks gear.

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