"Dear" Cryptics

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Hello folks!
I'm come here from russian server, only with one reason. To say, that I hate this new combat system. No, I'm not hater or some kind of it. And I want to discuss some of trouble in this game and causes that forced some players to delete their characters.

1. Pet's rework. Look, it's great idea, no offence, but realization is bad, really bad. And I will talk about passive bonuses. For examle bonus from deadly slaad. When you hit, you have 10% chance to deal 150 magnitude. Sounds good, but in real combat this bonus deal 1% dps. And we have bonuses on combat advantage (3,8%-7,5%) that improve your damage much better. So why I should take bonus of slaad, if other bonuses are greatly better? Now, with this new system, you MUST pick bonuses for stats (percents). No other options. One build, one pet. No choise. So where is that "rework"?

2. Enchantments rework. It's kind of joke, but if you want to improve attack stats you shouldn't take enchantments in deffence slot. Why? Because if you do, that you improve your TIL that will reduce effectivenes of your attack stats. What?

3. Sweet scaling. Well, if I playing in MMO I want to be better. It's a good reason to play and go through dungeons. But what we have here? If you decide to upgrade, then you become weaker. Getting stats is getting harder, and in the end, you get nothing, because in the dungeon you will scale. This is my twin and he can go in dungeons

4. Balance. Well as said in my homeland, you need to say good or nothing about the deceased. I'm understand that balance is a hard one, but when you sell your soul to the devil for an extra percentage warriors can do this:

So now, with this rework, for me is better no play.
Thanks Cryptics.
Have a good day.


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    I agree with him.
    Except for the last point.
    Apparently, comrade just forgot the fact that bugs regularly go to the live server.
    It's a bug, right? (Rhetorical question)

    I would personally add a few more points on my own, but I don't want to repeat myself.
    Considering that I'm not sure if any of the developers will read it.

    I’ll just say on my own that 3/4 of my friends old players are unhappy with all this.

    Thanks Cryptics
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    If they don't fix this entire mess (good luck with that cryptic), this could probably be even worse than the m16 rework

    This update is a disaster
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    Noticed another funny thing.

    I've changed only active pets, nothing else, but as it turned out, running with green active pet, at times, is even useful.

    Thanks Cryptics.

    P.S. Sorry for russian, but the numbers and colors I think are clear to everyone.
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    i read this all in Russian voice

    Mishka, vodka, balalaika =)

    Unfortunally, I can't say, what this warrior do, because it's not my character. Only what I know - this thing is existing on live server :'(