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Volo's E.C.E.

Welcome to Volo's Exotic Creature Exchange !

Elevator pitch : Bring in your unwanted vanity pets, companions and mounts and try your chance at one of Volo's special E.C.E. surprise pack !

Goal : Extra copies of bound vanity pets, companions and mounts have long plagued the Neverwinter community's bags. This would be an elegant solution to this problem that's way more fun than discarding unwanted creatures into oblivion.

Implementation : The general idea would be to create a multi tiered vendor NPC, slightly inspired by the juma bags. The vendor would have 3 "creature' tabs, one for vanity, one for companions and one for mounts. Contrary to the exchanges of the past where you pick a pack and it takes the "exchange currency" from your bags, you would sell one of your creature that you specifically select from your bags and receive a token for it of the same quality. Therefore, 4 types of tokens per tab would be obtainable, one per quality level (uncommon, rare, very rare, legendary - Volo has no need for the mundane and Mythic is too much for his budget). Henceforth, those same tokens will serve has currency to buy surprise packs of its equivalent quality level.

Things obtained from the pack will be bound to account just like Juma's bag. The E.C.E. surprise packs will have 3 loot tables, with rewards having an equal 1/3 chance to be pulled from. The 3 loot tables will be as follow ; Gemstone, Items, Creatures. The gemstone table awards player with a single regular gemstone. The items table rewards players with a singular companion token, mount upgrade token, scroll of life, potion, health stone, preservation ward, etc. The Creatures' table rewards the player with a creature appropriate to the tab the pack was selected from. The quality of the pack will influence to probability of a higher quality reward from each loot table. An example distribution follows :

For each pack the first number list the chance (in %) of getting an uncommon reward, the second an rare reward, the third a very rare reward and the fourth a legendary reward.

(Green) Uncommon pack : 93.9/5/1/0.1
(Blue) Rare pack : 47/47/5/1
(Purple) Very rare pack : 35/35/25/5
(Orange) Legendary pack : 25/25/25/25

Thank you for reading my proposal to the end. :)


  • nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,368 Community Manager
    Props for the pitch! Reminds me of some of the feature proposal meetings I've been in :)
  • armadeonxarmadeonx Member Posts: 4,952 Arc User
    That'd be nice - I've deleted about 50 chickens from my vanity pets window to date!
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  • degastignan#2347 degastignan Member Posts: 5 Arc User

    Props for the pitch! Reminds me of some of the feature proposal meetings I've been in :)

    Cheers ! While I have your attention, here's a little bonus quality of life change that I would enjoy ; the ability to shift-double-click to sell identical items in vendor UIs. Let's say for example I have 25 Abyssal chickens in my bags, shift-double-click one chicken and poof, all my chickens are sold ! This would also be appreciated while crafting. I'm currently levelling artificing on some alts and putting elm orbs on the auction house isn't worth my time so I vendor them. But even better would be to vendor them all with a single shift-double-click ! :)
  • cracklepants#2252 cracklepants Member Posts: 61 Arc User

    Let's say for example I have 25 Abyssal chickens in my bags

    Amateur =)
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