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end chest bug

For a while now I've been having some issues when opening the end chest in dungeons such as LOMM and LoL, today I was running dread legion and it occurred twice in 3 runs. the issue is, I re-roll the rewards and the chest closes and I receive nothing. I cannot re open it or anything, I'm forced to leave without any rewards. This has occurred close to 10 times now across multiple dungeons/skirmishes and I can't do anything about it. Can someone help me or know how to fix this??


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    bumhug#4005 bumhug Member Posts: 92 Arc User
    same problem here. Lost a lot of keys.
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    missdayummissdayum Member Posts: 230 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    Funny I just ran Lomm (REDQ) and used astral diamdonds for re-roll 3x for the left chest, had no tokens and guess what? Got me a fancy Celestial Stag - Account unbound.
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    godhunter#4951 godhunter Member Posts: 11 Arc User
    This has happened to me as well but you still are getting the rewards you last saw in the chest check your log after leaving the instance. This is a bug and should be fixed just like the can't reroll bug where your treasure value is greater than the reroll.
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    pain#8116 pain Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    Same problem here for over a year now happened today 2 Times too
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    steph#9507 steph Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    I have had this recently as well
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