pvp off-season

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The off season is like completely killed pvp for 14 days every 42 days, 0 pop in PC. I am sure in console the pop is also close to 0.

Instead we can make it like 28 days= big season (you earn major rewards), 14 days= small season (you earn cosmetics/account bound stuff)
Or maybe some other rewards to motivate people to queue during off-season.


  • trgluestickz
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    Would just shorten the PVP season cooldown time to 1 week instead of the current 2 weeks. And also reduce the PVP season duration to 2 or 3 weeks instead of the current 4 weeks. I fully agree the cooldown for the PVP season is too long.
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  • xavior44
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    Once rewards are gone, they could reduce the cooldown to nothing IMO
  • gweddry
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    I wouldn't shorten the season itself, but the break should be reduced to maybe one week or even less.
  • tonyvincent
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    I agree to shortening the breaks between seasons.
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    I remember the same was in Overwatch, think it was 1 week off season, the game just died during that week. Now the new season starts as soon as the previous one ends. But with all the broken mounts and new system i can barley get my self to even log on in NW tbh.
  • fuxion#7775
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    Can we have different types of tournaments please ? to fill off-season ? will really be great way to revive pvp which has more potential imo than pve atm.... so many things that can be done to make pvp kick-HAMSTER in the game :)

    off-season too long for sure ..