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GWF Build DPS for New Combat Changes Preview

admiralwarlord#3792 admiralwarlord Member Posts: 512 Arc User
edited December 2020 in The Militia Barracks
First I would like to point out that despite playing for 4 years I do not seek to be the best, so as you will see I do not some equipment that would be fundamental to this build, as so little I am close to reaching these statuses if these arrived today on the live server. The build has options where to get better and all opinion will be welcome.





In the preview with the possibility of getting maximum bolster of companions and mounts I got these status seen in the first image, it is worth mentioning that in the construction of this build lacks the t3 helmet that of accuaracy (Skyblazer), the Ribcage armor and the boot of Vallenhas with damage bonus and debuff of incoming healig, and the shirt with the same status as the one I'm using but being the ebonized of Undermountain.

Another difficulty was trying to match accuaracy to power, to have the damage bonus of Feat (Overpenatrion), something impossible so far and do not know how it would work with equipment giving power buff, something probably to be corrected. Tip to swap Power for CA or CS maybe.

As for the equipment choices I first read many of the posts and comments of the forum, as I followed some streams, and what caught my attention was that Dev cited that there would not be so much difference from the served live, something that is not true, many in the game do not have what I have and felt so much this change. In this char of the build all enchants have been changed,all!

There are some bugs in this first patch such as the too much power gain of Tales of Old Artifacts from 0.5% to 5% which makes everyone easily reach the power cap and some companions, as well as the discursion about weapon bonuses, but for those who are very disgusted by the changes it is easy to note that it is not so difficult to achieve what is necessary for Zariel Challenger , which is the last content of the game.

Please make the Runestones exchange available, this is really necessary to minimize the costs that are excessive from this patch that will come.

Stay safe!
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  • admiralwarlord#3792 admiralwarlord Member Posts: 512 Arc User
    edited December 2020
    Update week 2

    With a greater understanding of the combat changes it was possible to finally understand how the ratings cap will work in relation to the item level and how it affects your choices regarding the equipment. In the following image are only the equipment without enchants and reinforce, bonus of companion (augment) without bondings, companions gears already equipped with runestones, mounts with some insignias of Gond since I still expect the changes in the Forte and the maximum bolster of mount.

  • admiralwarlord#3792 admiralwarlord Member Posts: 512 Arc User
    GWF focusing on max Combat Adantage

    As the finish of the work in the preview is approaching, here is another pre-build for END GAME players! First I would like to comment that the class will almost certainly not be among the best, something I will comment on during the explanations of the choices.

    Best race: Gith (Only with her it is possible to have the maximum of Combat Advantage, even if by luck.)

    For new players, I believe the best choice is Human and the worst is Half-Orc (it is the race with the worst bonus in the game).

    Gith's choice is for the reason that it is only possible to maximize Combat Advantage on a temporary basis with Acute Senses + Fire Archon Insight. While other classes have fixed or easier bonuses to obtain, Barbarian will be the class of luck and casual damage.



    Offensive:1xTenebrous,2xShiny Coin,6xGigantic

    Defensive:4x Assassin's


    Armor: Bloodtheft (any other, except the barkshield, as this prevents the activation of the bonus of the gloves)

    Weapon: to be defined

    Companions and mount's


    Enchants in companion gears: 2xProfane and 4xArcane

    Insignias:Dominance and Skill

    Companion for use: Owlbear and Goat are my favorites

    Companion bonus: 3xcompanions with CA of your choice and Staldorf and Fire Archon.

    Buff foods:https://ibb.co/P17MbnB

    Notice that I'm using Sunlord's Elixir instead of the Wild Storm Elixir that would leave me with Critical Severity on the ceiling, this is due to the Skill of class https://neverwinter.gamepedia.com/Raging_Criticals which causes there to be a 10% critical severity gain. That's a personal choice I have only the 90% casually, added to the buffs of Sunlord's. You may as well reach the ceiling with the part, but knowing that you won't get the gain of this Skill bonus.

  • admiralwarlord#3792 admiralwarlord Member Posts: 512 Arc User
    Well, first of all, it's not easy to try something that's decent in this class because of some peculiarities of it. To portray me, Half-Orc shouldn't be the worst choice for the Barbarians, but she's pretty weak despite being a dull choice!

    The focus of this new build is again to try to compensate in some way for the class's inability to have the caps of offensive statuses like other classes. In the image it is possible to see a calculation that adds up the bonuses of active companions + combat advantage. Note that it exceeds 90%, but remember the fact that it is casual and the low critical chance (60%, 50% + 10% of Goristro Horn's).


    Enchant: Defensive + Offensive (1xTenebrous) = Assassin's, Utilility = Dark


  • admiralwarlord#3792 admiralwarlord Member Posts: 512 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    Well, since everything seems uncertain with every patch that is released, I keep trying to get the most out of the class.

    In this perspective of build came to me that many will be focused on the upgade of mounts and companions, and things like change of race and potions would be a cost that not everyone can afford. Thinking about it I decided to create is build without potions and without trying to maximize the final damage, but trying to maximize the damage through the maximum status that can be acquired and that would suit a casual player.


    In this image the character is already with all the bolsters of companions and maximized mounts.

    I consider the best weapons blessed for giving + % status.

    For those who found the low numbers, you need to understand that the helmet of +10% critical chance when stacked at most with 7.5% critical chance and critical severity of the armor also with maximum stack. With a casual gain of 7.5% critical severity from Companion Enhancement Power and 10% critical severity when in Rage (skill class) you would reach 90 critical severity and 90% critical chance, besides being very close to the 90% power which is something that can be obtained.

    Yes, I found a utility for the Skill that I criticized so much, but I still think that for endgame players it's a uselessness that causes the class to lose 10% of a status.

    Race: Dragonborn\Metalic Dragonborn
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  • admiralwarlord#3792 admiralwarlord Member Posts: 512 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    This will probably be my last pre build released and I hope that everyone who saw the other have followed the line of reasoning of how to build a build. The outlook has changed according to the changes made by the Dev's.
    In this latest build I'll call "Part of the Pack" in reference to the name of teammate bonuses and a Ranger class future (you'll definitely enjoy having 1 of them by your side).

    Given that the best weapons in the game are now masterwork and the need to gain many statuses and with a hint that appeared in a Rainer video (Neverwinter: Neverwinter Character Builder Plus v0.8.4 - YouTube), I decided to see how this would apply in the class.

    1.Capace: There is no way to call one of them the best, since there are situations in which they can not even be ultilized.
    1.1 Goristro's Horns, +10% Critical chance, serves all content.
    1.2 Helm of the Skyblazer, +7.5 from Combat Advantage, would be the best VS Boss, but there are variables that make you miss the effect.
    1.3 Charged Might bonus (When your stamina is over 75%, your Power is increased by 5000), this bonus is available on Lion, Blessed and Sharandar's new helmet and may be ultilized for new players to reach the Power cap and achieve feat overpenetration.
    1.4 Executioner's bonus.

    2. Armor: Bone Devil's Ribcage will certainly be the best option, but new players have several options like Scavenger's, Ebonized,Sentinels (all giving % Power) or Templar of Twilight's Breastplate (+5 critical severity)

    2.1 There are also options for gaining defense and life recovery for new players.

    3. Gloves: Spiked Defender Vambrace, in my view is the very best ahead of the others, but prevents the use of Barkshield. The gloves with Escalating Might bonus are also a very option because of the Overpenetration Feat.

    3.1 For new players there are always temporary status earning options, bonus damage in At-Will or Encounter Power and I would suggest Lycosa's Barbed Gloves as a viable option, as it activates the Combatent Maneurver's insignia bonus that gives you the 2,500 Advantage Combat gain almost constantly (not active Trample of the Fallen).

    Boot: In this section it is critical to talk about feat Overpenatration (If your Power and Accuracy ratings are capped, deal 5% more damage) and how this will affect your choices. In a maximized construction with 100% bolster's of companions and mounts and as necklaces at least in legendary (yes, this is humanly possible while the mythical are an impossible illusion and very far away in my opinion) you will need the Grevas of the Lightguard and this will cause you to miss +/- 5000 power. If you're not that end game, you can use the Greaves of the Fallen Angel without you having many losses compared to the previous one. The other options would be to use Feat Brutal Strike (Whenever your attacks deal critical damage, increase your Rage by 2) instead of Overpenetration and wear rusted iron leggins boots (+5% damage and -25% incoming healing) which would cause your Bloodheft or Negation bonus and self heal badge to lose much of their usefulness and the Greaves of Halaster's Successor that give the +5% bonus of Combat Advantage.

    Another point to note that we are returning to the goal of buff and that this will influence a lot in your choices.

    There are options to improve or maximize damage that I may not have seen yet and that you can perfect.


    1xAssassin's,3xBlack Ice, 2xShiny Coin Dark e 2xBrutal. Nos ultility Dark. Bloodheft de armor (personal choice), Light AOE and Bile ST.

    Runestones:1xRecondite, 3xArcane,2xEnigmatic.

    4 reinforce of Accuracy + 4 reinforce of Combat Advantage

    Artifact Class Future: Forte
    Artifact Class Future: Critical Strike

    Mount:https://ibb.co/MgFpgv5 Insignias:Dominance + Skill when not slot for Dominance


    Not potions or food.

    This is sure to be the best choice for all the final players of the game.

    Unrevised text and there may be errors in translation.
  • admiralwarlord#3792 admiralwarlord Member Posts: 512 Arc User
    Continuing the saga of the build, not yet finished since everyone knows how expensive this is, but well-forwarded to it.





    Comments on some choices:

    On the set it is good because it has enough Accuracy and helps me reach the cap to be able to activate overpenetration. For this I use accuracy blessing only, while I can't get the items from Expeditions. And I don't even know if I'll need these since the new fellow items come with a lot of status and even if they have low combinated ratings I believe it will be worth using them.

    On the companions, in addition to these in the image I will use fire archon in place of Soradiel, Stardolf in place of Deepcrow and Barbarian Shaman by Dancing Blade since by removing this amount of power I can use watermelon.It is worth mentioning that having Cold Iron Warrior is superior to having siege master in the new campaign, and that Batiri vs Bosses also, but this only for those who own them and is not my case.

    Already on the boons, the idea of not having HP boons came to me because of the difficulty in activating equipment like the Ribcage. In addition to noticing that with the game scaled, these boons are once again very important and valuable to have.

    In Companion Enhancement Power my preference currently is perfection vision (+7.5% acc) since I have used Goristro Horn's, but in Sharandar or other content that has specific equipment with Undermountain I will run with Precision (+7.5% critical chance) and vs Bosses Acute Sense (+7.5% CA) is always the best choice.

    If I get the companion items before the new campaign is launched, I'll bring an update, if not only when I have the new companions gears.

    For the few who read my daydreams about class, I hope you're enjoying it!
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