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PVP Whisperknife Successfully Revived On PC (And PVP WK Mod 19 Build Guide):

trgluestickztrgluestickz Member Posts: 1,119 Arc User
edited October 2020 in The Thieves' Den
Due to the forum posting bugs, I have put all contents of this thread into this google doc:

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PVP Rogue,
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Main Character: Hurricane Marigolds (Rogue WK & Assassin)
Ingame Handle: trgluestickz
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Alliances: Imperium & Order of the Silent Shroud
Platform: PC


  • leonidrexleonidrex Member Posts: 401 Arc User
    first thing I have read
    " In terms of damage per rotation, assassin does around 66% of the damage WK does. So WK does around 34% more dps per rotation than assassin does as a crude estimate. "
    to turn 66% into 100% you need to increase it by 50%, since 66% x 1,5 = 100%
    So WK deals 50% MORE damage then assassin, or assassin deals 34% LESS damage then WK.
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