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Consistent Disconnection from Server

maicakatmaicakat Member Posts: 106 Arc User
I'm getting rather frustrated as I keep getting disconnected from the server for the last week. I can sign back in usually within 10 seconds but getting automatically kicked out mid-instance when doing dailies etc. and having to start over sucks.


  • motu999#9953 motu999 Member Posts: 254 Arc User
    I have a similar problem. I sometimes get disconnected at the start of an instance.
    It mostly seems to happen for the first instance of the day (e.g. the first after my pc was started).
  • gor1llaf1stgor1llaf1st Member Posts: 133 Arc User
    console too, xbox specifically
  • cracklepants#2252 cracklepants Member Posts: 60 Arc User
    Been happening to me for years. Only with NW, no other games. Server Not Responding and DC quite a bit.
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