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Aasimar Character Selection/Change Appearance versus In game looks. Disappointing.

durugudesudurugudesu Member Posts: 555 Arc User
I am very DISPLEASED that the color/texture/smoothness when finished with CHANGE APPEARANCE looks different in a very underwhelming way when you close that option and go look at your toon in game.

I never had this issues with my previous race, elven, nor with my other classes (well dragonborn i didnt really check), but this was annoying and i had used 2 appearance change tokens before confirming that while on the change appearance option where we get to customize our looks, we can customize and make our toons look visually pleasing for ourselves, upon closing this option - we get a disappointing result that we have to look at when we play the game.

I'm not even addressing the lack of customization options here. These are from what are available and they just suck.


  • the1truehunterthe1truehunter Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 211 Arc User
    I have to admit that I expected at least 2/3 new models for beards/hair/even the metallic skin texture that is presented in the campaign tab. It is just a recolored human race and not even cool. I am not into LGBT color scheme. If we could preview the race from the begining I have probably wouldn`t got it. However I encounter clipping issues in idle position using any of my weapon on my male aasimar barbarian. I was kinda forced to switch the race because it was the closest one regarding performance on the bonuses and a human appearance able to wear head gears. I basicaly switched a problem with another.
  • gradiigradii Member Posts: 280 Arc User
    I am displeased with the giant middle finger to the playerbase that Aasimar represents. I was one of the people asking for Aasimar to be a race, I did not ask for this.

    It should be in zen store for the same price as moon elf pack. What they did is insulting and dishonest.
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