Limit the Number of Ranked Characters

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I come through this post to bring a solution that can be good for both players who play pvp and for Cryptic studios. all of them!

Consequence: Cryptic studios loses a lot of money with this, as many accounts get richer, as they get a good reward at the end of the season. In the players' view, anyone who likes pvp for pvp and not for the reward, finds Tricter Rougues every day in matches that they kill with only one skill.

Proposed Solution: What if each account could only rank one class of each per account? Players could not take advantage of all the enchantments from one character to another, as the builds change, the accounts could rank a maximum of 8 characters, as there are only 8 classes in the game and the player would need to play well with all of them, consequently Cryptic studios would not lose much money and still be able to keep the rewards and the players would have a greater diversity of classes in the matches.


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    This wouldn't solve the rewards farming issue by itself, but it is one of the things I put in my recent suggestions post that would help.
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