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[PC] Wastes Infernal War Machines

nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,057 Community Manager
We are aware of the War Machines not summoning in the Wastes. We hope to have a fix out very soon. Thank you for your patience.


  • the1truehunterthe1truehunter Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 211 Arc User
    We expect with this fix to have Gore-Covered Chains drop guaranteed since you can`t kill the little manes to spawn the infected mane and get the reagents to make lures. So people who had their lures saved could farm and get easily in leaderboard. So basically we lost our chances to get in top 100 from the first moment milestone III started. @nitocris83
  • the1truehunterthe1truehunter Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 211 Arc User

    Just check the scores from the day one. Do not mention it is just first part of the day and many of us play from Europe time zone with put us far behind due to our time limitations. So please take in cosideration my proposal and also the fact that we expected with this week update list a fix "to the rng on top of rng" hunt system. It is painful and tedious. Having some of these lower tiers reagent fairly easy to obtain will make the process more player friendly.
  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,267 Arc User
    I am loving not having the car stealing all my Action Points. I know it won't last but the 'War Machine' is one of the worst ideas.
    "We have always been at war with Dread Vault" ~ Little Brother
  • kharkov58kharkov58 Member Posts: 612 Arc User
    Action points and stamina
  • alchemistxiiialchemistxiii Member Posts: 42 Arc User
    Can we please please have the option to not go into the War Machine automatically every time we go into the wastes?

    Thank you muchly! XD
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