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Since I started playing Neverwinter a few years back, I have accumulated a lot of companions on my initial character. This character (Fighter) has a lot of companions that it would never use for instance an owlbear cub. Now I have 12 different characters and I am struggling to obtain the necessary companions for my tanks, healers and dps's.

I would like to know what is the opinion of players - if a token could be made available in the zen market, that would change the status of the companion from character bound (and therefore removing it from the companion list, placing it in the inventory) and changing that companion's status to account bound.

This would then allow the companion to be moved to a more suitable character.

The companion's training status should drop back to the latest upgrade to ensure that the coding does not get too convoluted. Coding for the swapping of the character bound companion for a account bound companion should not be too difficult to do.

A foreseen negative is that it would have an immediate effect on the companion prices in the Auction House but this would disappear after a short while.

I would spend a lot of Zen to move my companions to more suitable characters.

This could also be done with any item. The developers may place any restrictions on the tokens as they see fit.

(Please excuse my English as it is not my native language)


  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,097 Arc User
    Three years ago, the devs at the time teased the idea of such a token. Shortly after that, most of them were reassigned to make the Magic the Gathering game. The current team of devs has never taken that up again, it seems.
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  • burnahbros#7516 burnahbros Member Posts: 72 Arc User
    They've already addressed this by making all companions purchased through the zen market account wide claimable.
  • sandukutupusandukutupu Member Posts: 2,235 Arc User
    Your English is probably better than mine. This has been a great idea, but unfortunately changes with great ideas are slow to none in this game. Players submit good and great ideas all the time, they even get a developer to +1 them, but nothing happens. The developer gets moved to another project, fired, or just quits. There are so many items, not just the companions that should not be "Bound to Character" at all. Bound to Account (BtA) is enough to keep players from trading or selling the item. The only reason behind "Bound to Character" exists is to sell the same item over and over to all the characters on your account. I don't fall into their demographic buyer for this game.

    I currently own 8 characters. Recently we all were gifted a free Mount Collar of Choice. I picked the +6% rough AD collar after owning the box for about a week. To my surprise the collar remains BtA. I tested and found I can share the collar with all 8 of my characters. So if I don't mind stopping at the bank to pick it up and drop it off, the collars work in this fashion. I don't need to buy more than 1 set. I am not into mount collars, but this is the only reason they would make anything BtC.

    Have fun! <3
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