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New "Premium Loot System" - Infernal Citadel

Did 5 runs TIC Runs in a row with guild members - everyone rolled the chests 4x means 8 Rolls per char per run = 200 rerolls. We have looted 1x Book of Vile Darkness, 3x Genies Gift, 4x Pres Ward, 3x Scrolls of Mass life - THATS IT! 200 chances used - nothing. Just awesome guys...clap clap...

Sooo....this is the new premium loot system??????


  • kierlakxkierlakx Member Posts: 117 Arc User
    hArdEr coNtenT GivEs bEtER drOp rATes!

    I was actually getting better/more loot before the change, running half or less the number of dungeons/trials in the same time frame. This is nothing but a sham.
  • mayorofartamayorofarta Member Posts: 56 Arc User
    Omg Hanzo.... I just can't stop laughing with your misfortune. AHAHAHAA!!! This system has gone beyond ridiculous. Stop rerolling for the love of Tymora and wait for a fix. They better react fast. Be well man... you made my day.
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