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deanski07 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 74 Arc User
I am hoping this is a small bug or i will feel slightly insulted. When i tried to use this coupon i got the message that all things bought from the Zen store will now be account bound for an unlimited amount of time because my purchase of Zen was different from my usual, or something along those lines. The only difference of the way i buy Zen was buying it from the Arc page for 15k zen and free mount chest. So....is this my reward for doing it that way?.........That was the only way to purchase that Zen,so...


  • deanski07
    deanski07 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 74 Arc User
    Sorry,just to clarify my report,i have no problem having companions bound to account as i would never try to sell them anyways. My problem is, the message also included items obtained from lockboxes which i probably would sell in the AH. That's where i find this all a bit unfair.
  • kreatyve
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    Sounds like your account is under a temporary probationary period as an anti-fraud measure for buying Zen recently. You should be able to contact Customer Service to get that lifted, or just wait a few days (should be less than 7 days), and the restriction will be lifted.
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